Wet cat food Vs. dry cat food


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Different cat parents have different opinions about dry cat food and wet cat food. It is essential yo know feline physiology to reach a better decision on the wet cat food Vs. Dry cat food debate. It is to be kept in mind that cats are obligate carnivores. It means they compulsorily need muscle meats in their daily menu. The amino acid taurine present in meats is essential for the cat to survive. Since the cat is a carnivore, giving it plant cellulose means inviting a lot of digestive problems. The short digestive system of carnivores cannot break down plant cellulose.

Wet cat food

Wet cat food such as the Fancy Feast Creamy Broths With Wild Salmon, having meat or fish as the primary ingredient, offers an eating option better suited to the dietary requirements of a cat. This does not automatically imply that wet cat food is better compared to dry cat food. Better dry cat foods are much superior to low grade canned cat food. Feeding your kitty premium quality foods means a healthy animal-regardless of whether you are feeding it dry cat food or wet cat food.

Dry cat food

Several cat owners leave the dry food out for the cats. A few supplements the same with wet food. It is like giving your cat fast food day and night for your convenience. A cat eating only dry food gets less nutrition compared to a feline eating wet cat food. Many low-quality dry cat foods have a substantial number of fillers. In its wild state, dry cat food makes up only five percent of the diet of the cat. This is obtained when the cat consumes the stomach contents of its prey.ย  Admittedly, a few fillers are a must to shape the dry food nuggets during the manufacturing extrusion process. They also get included to cut down expenses as they are much cheaper than meat,

Cats in the wild hunt to eat. Their prey body structure is about 70 percent water. Wet cat food contains an average of 78 percent water and dry cat food comes to 10 percent.ย  A cat on a dry food diet does not get a sufficient quantity of water. These animals become chronically dehydrated, and thus falls into many health problems. These could be serious like urinary crystals or Chronic Renal Failure. Research has found that if you feed your kitty dry cat food, the animal must drink about one cup water for ten pounds of the animal's body weight during 24 hours. If you give your cat kibble, it is a must to provide the furball with a clean and attractive clean water source. Invest in a pet water fountain. Your cat will be attracted enough to drink from it. The machine filters guarantee a fresh and clean water supply.

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