Ways To Get Rid Of Cat Hair And Furballs

Ways To Get Rid Of Cat Hair And Furballs

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Unless pet owners have a leather sofa, there are chances that their furniture will end up with pet hair and fir deposits. Itโ€™s not just furniture, but any kind of fabric such as curtains and tablecloths are sites for cat fur to get stuck. Leather furniture can be quite expensive and thus cat owners need to have efficient ways of getting rid of their pet hair. One of the first things that pet owners can do is to ensure that there is enough ventilation in the room and the humidity levels are not significantly low.

Removing cat hair from furniture
Removing cat hair from various kinds of furniture such as sofas and upholstery is best done with a pair of damp rubber gloves. By simply running the gloved hand over various surfaces, hair can be easily collected. Once the glove is covered with hair, one needs to simply rinse it off and repeat the process. In case rubber gloves are not available one can also use a wet sponge in its place. Another easy tactic is to spray a combination of water and fabric softener on the furniture and fabric and then start wiping it off.

In order to remove cat hair from wooden furniture, a soft cloth with furniture polish can be easily used. Alternately one can also use an anti-static dusting spray. Using such anti-static sprays eliminates static charge and the fur comes off the surface easily.

Removing Cat Hair from Carpets and Floors
One of the best ways to clean those tough to dig fur and hair deposits from the carpets is to use a pumice stone. Using a pumice stone is advantageous as it not only collects the hair efficiently but also doesn't damage the surface of the carpet. For wooden or laminated floors one can use electrostatic mobs or one of those microfiber wipes. Using a vacuum is not very effective in these cases as it loops the hair around instead of sucking it in. If the cat owner wishes to vacuum the carpet, then it is advised to go twice over hair-infested areas in alternate directions. This will ensure that the hair is properly disengaged from the carpet fabric. There are special vacuums available which especially cater to pet hair, these come equipped with filters and powerful suction which pulls off hair effectively.

Throwing floor mats and tablecloths in the dryer along with a dryer sheet or a spiky dryer ball is an effective way of automatically removing fur from them. Brushing and grooming cats with long hairs every day and those with short hair once a week, is a preventive measure against fur deposit. Timely grooming leads to a fur-free house.

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