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Felines donโ€™t like water at all (other than to quench their thirst), which means that they donโ€™t like taking baths. On the plus side, felines are extremely efficient at keeping themselves clean. In spite of this, there will be times when your feline will become smelly and dirty. In these situations, you have no choice but to give your feline a bath. However, lady luck is on your side as you can use these simple tips so that your cat enjoys taking baths.

  1. Place non-slip mat at the bottom of the bathing floorItโ€™s hard for your four-legged feline to get any grip when the floor is wet. Also, your feline will want to stand on all fours when you are giving it a bath, which will result in your cat losing balance because the floor is slippery. You can prevent this from taking place by putting a non-slip mat/material at the bottom of the bathing floor.
  2. Wet the feet of your cat before giving it a bathYou need to make sure your feline is comfortable with the temperature of water. Fill a tub or a bucket with water, until the depth is an inch or two. Gently take your feline and place its feet in the tub or bucket so that they get wet. If your feline doesnโ€™t struggle during this process, you can praise it for being a good kitty. If your feline doesnโ€™t like doing this, keep repeating the process daily, till it is comfortable.
  3. Praise the cat while gently pouring water on itYour feline needs to be calm and comfortable during bath time. Gently pour water on your feline while talking to it in a calm and loving tone. Donโ€™t try to pour large amounts of water on your feline. After your feline has a bath, you need to wipe it down properly so that it is dry. Wrap your feline in a dry towel and cuddle with it.
  4. Donโ€™t restrain your catAs much as possible, avoid restraining your feline, especially during bath time. Rather than remaining calm and composed, your feline will struggle and resist until it's free. Instead, ensure your feline has control over its movements at all times. If you want to stop your feline from moving in a particular direction, block its path with your hand.
  5. Shower it with treatsDuring the entire bathing process, you should reward your feline with treats for its good behavior. For example, if your feline doesnโ€™t struggle when you wet its feet, give it a treat.

Use these simple tips so that your cat will enjoy taking baths. If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment below.

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