Virbac Recalls 6 Lots of Iverhart Plus Chewables


March 29, 2013 - Virbac

has issued a voluntary recall of six lots of IVERHART PLUS Chewables.


The lots involved in this recall are IVERHART PLUS Flavored Chewables:Lot 120076 (LARGE 51 to 100 pounds)Lot 120086ย (LARGE 51 to 100 pounds)Lot 120856ย (LARGE 51 to 100 pounds)Lot 120202 (MEDIUM 26 to 50 pounds)Lot 120196 (SMALL up to 25 pounds)Lot 120844ย (SMALL up to 25 pounds)You can find the lot code on the box of medication.


ย According to Virbac: "While these lots met all specifications at the time of release into distribution, product testing has determined that the ivermectin potency has failed to meet stability specifications during the life of the product."

Threat Level:

ย Low. This product is not dangerous for pets to eat. The issue is that the product will not protect against heartworms and other internal parasites as well as it should.According to Virbac: "A potential consequence of this failure is that these lots of IVERHART PLUS Flavored Chewables may not fully protect dogs in the upper third of each weight range against heartworms. No heartworm-related adverse reactions or illnesses have been reported to date with any of these lots of IVERHART PLUS Flavored Chewables."

What Should I Do?:ย 

Contact Virbac, your vet, pet store, or wherever you bought the product. Some distributors will offer a refund, credit, or a replacement. Otherwise simply dispose of the product. Talk to your vet about keeping your pet protected from heartworm with another product or unaffected lot of Iverhart Plus.

If your PetCareRx purchase has been recalled, please call our pet specialists atย 1-800-844-1427, and they will answer your questions and help you find an alternate product for your pet. We can refund your order or help facilitate an order of TriHeart Plus with your vet.Alternatives to Iverhart Plus:ย TriHeart Plus

ย andย 

Heartgard Plus

ย are alternate products that use the same active ingredients, ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate. Unless your prescription says "dispense as written," you do not need a new prescription to change to one of these alternatives.ย 

Iverhart Max

, another potential alternative, has the same active ingredients as well as an additional one, praziquantel, so you would likely need a new prescription to change to this medication.

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