Using Homeopathic Remedies and Calming Collars for Dogs Keep Your Nervous Pooch Feeling Relaxed

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A wide variety of homeopathic treatments can help you manage anxiety in dogs, combat illnesses, and keep your pet healthy. Find out how calming collars and similar products work.

According to homeopathic principles, the symptoms and illnesses of a patient – animal or human – can be treated by using solutions and ingredients (called “remedies”) that harness the body’s own healing power. Practitioners of holistic medicine, including holistic veterinarians, may use homeopathic remedies in addition to other treatments – from medication to behavioral therapy -- in an effort to relieve specific symptoms and treat the patient’s entire well-being. While there are distinct differences in the nuts and bolts of each discipline, followers of homeopathic and holistic medicine often agree that the best approach to health is adopting healthy lifestyles and using natural tools to achieve well being.

If you’re looking for natural, non-prescription, solutions and practices to keep your dog healthy, consider these products for your pet:

1. Sentry Calming Collar for Dogs

Does your pet suffer regular bouts of separation anxiety? Are they so frightened of new people and places that you need to avoid the dog run? Or do they cry and tremble whenever there’s a thunderstorm? There can be medical reasons for a dog’s discomfort in those situations, but if your vet rules out any causes such as hypothyroidism may be advised to try drug therapy such as tranquilizers, which can carry some worry and side effects.

This calming collar offers a more natural approach. The collar uses a mixture of natural scents such as lavender and chamomile. Together, these scents imitate the pheromone that a mother dog would give off to calm her offspring. As a result, the Sentry Calming Collar can trigger your dog’s system to feel protected. Other products such as Richard’s Organic Pet Calm solution work in a similar way and are directly rubbed onto your pet.

2. Welactin Canine 3 Natural Omega-3 Supplement

The power of omega-3 is no secret. Just as these fatty acids help pet owners’ tissues and organs stay healthy, omega-3 helps dogs’ systems, too. Canines that lack sufficient omega 3 may suffer from a host of ailments such as recurrent skin and ear infections. Omega-3 may defend against allergies decrease shedding, and keep your dog from developing hot spots.

This brand of omega-3, naturally derived from fish, supports healthy skin and a good coat. It also protects your pet’s renal systems, cardiovascular health, and more. Welactin can be added directly to your pet’s food. Other options for omega-3 supplements include natural omega-3 oil and soft gels.

As the saying goes, too much of a good thing can be bad. While large doses of omega-3 aren’t toxic, it can cause gastrointestinal discomfort. Consult your vet to give your dog the right dosage.

3. Ear Eaze

Did you know that ear infections are the leading reason pet parents bring their pets to the doctor? Take that knowledge and do what you can to protect your beloved dog from the pain and possible complications that come with ear problems. This otic solution offers an all-natural way to remove earwax buildup and parasites from the ear canal. Using Ear Eaze, a blend of natural herbal oils, can help reduce incidents of ear mites, wax, and other problems.

4. Enzyme Pro

There are countless advantages to being a 21st century dog. Unfortunately, the diet of most dogs today falls short of being perfect because processed and cooked food has had most of its natural enzymes destroyed during heating, the addition of flavor enhancers, and other steps taken on the way to your pet’s dinner dish.  Enzyme Pro is a supplement that contains multi-digestive plant enzymes and improves the absorption of vital nutrients. Adding it to your pet’s food can offer protection against digestive disease like inflammatory bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, vomiting, gas, and bloating. Holistic practitioners also say it can defend your dog from parasites and worms, hypertension, joint problems, and other disorders.

5. Magic Coat Organic Citrus Shampoo

Keeping a dog free of parasitic insects can be a challenge. There are plenty of products out there to help, but if you want to avoid chemical medications and collars, you can find natural remedies. Specifically, you can keep a dog free of fleas and ticks by using citrus-scented body treatments such as this shampoo. Fleas and ticks don’t like the smell of citrus, so lemon or orange infused treatments are a little known trick for keeping pets free of the insects

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This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant as a substitute for the professional advice of, or diagnosis or treatment by, your veterinarian with respect to your pet. It has, however, been verified by a licensed veterinarian for accuracy.

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