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Cats are the most eccentric yet interesting creatures in the animal world. You may think that you figured them out, only to find out that there is so much you donโ€™t know much about cats. One moment they ask you to pet them and give them a belly rub. Next moment, they are trying to get their claws on your fingers. Truly, there cannot be any pet that is as strange as a cat. Cats also love to play with anything and everything, ranging from balls of wool to cardboard boxes. However, there are also these unusual toys that cats love to play with:

Pizza face organic catnip toys

Believe it or not but cats love to play with pizza face organic catnip toys. Available on Etsy, these toys are extremely popular among cat owners. According to the website, sometimes your feline friend would like to take a chill pill and enjoy a few slices of catnip pizza. We know cats love catnip, who knew they also like catnip that looks like pizza?

Art Set Organic Catnip Toys

Okay, you see a pattern here; cats love anything that has catnip in it, which couldnโ€™t be more accurate. We know that cats will do anything to get their paws on some catnip, but an art set? If you want your artistic cat to imagine it is Leonardo Di Vinci while it is munching on some catnip, why donโ€™t you buy art set organic catnip toys from Etsy?

Syringe Organic Catnip Cat Toys

Okay, it looks like cats are quite eccentric because they apparently love syringe organic catnip cat toys. The last two items were borderline unusual, but this one takes the cake. Itโ€™s hard to say if the manufacturers of this cat toy made it because they lost a bet or as a practical joke. Regardless of what was the reason, these catnip cat toys are a hit among feline friends. Do you want your feline friend to join the group of super eccentric cats? If yes, head over here and give your feline this unusual gift.

Tiny Turdy Organic Catnip Cat

The one reason we can think of when we look at this toy is that cats love playing with it because they get high. You can spend hours wondering why on earth do felines love playing with a tiny turdy and only one answer will come to your mind. Regardless of whether you like looking at this unusual cat toy or not, we are pretty sure your feline friend will go bonkers with it. Show your feline some unusual love by giving it this toy.These are just some of the unusual things that cats like to play with if they get their paws on them. If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment below!

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