Try Out These 4 Alternative Uses for Kitty Litter

Try Out These 4 Alternative Uses for Kitty Litter

Most cats and their owners appreciate kitty litter. Not only can it make scooping and disposing of waste easier and cut down on unpleasant odor, but the sandy feel on their feet is actually comforting to your feline friend.Although kitty litter isย plenty effective for its intended use, people have found that its moisture-absorbing and friction-providing qualities can actually help with a lot more. If you're the kind of person who buys your cat's medicine, food, and kitty litter in bulk, odds are youย have some spare litter around the house. Well, here are some handy life-hacks to help give that litter a less smelly purpose.

1. Prevent foggy windows ย kitty-litter-blog-2

In regions of the country where cold rain and snow are common in the winter, it's easy for your windows to fog up nearly every day. The cold temperatures outside mix with the warming moisture to create a foggy car with too many blind spots.Life Hacker advised people in this situation to

borrow a little litter from their cats and fill up a sock

. Wrap that sock in another sock and place it in your car to absorb the moisture that would cause fog. Silica kitty litter works best, especially when left in the car overnight. Kitty litter can be used any place where there's unwanted moisture, like a basement, as well.

2. Eliminate grease spots and firesย kitty-litter-blog-3

Kitty litter can absorb a lot more than just water. Many people turn to standard cat box filler for grease or oil spots in their driveway. Just pour the sandy substance onto the spot, dispose of it like you would pure oil and reapply to get any oil you may have missed the first time.Kitty litter can also help clean up grease or cooking oil in the kitchen, as well as extinguish a sudden grease fire, because we all know you

never use water on a grease fire

. If you cook frequently with greasy foods, it's smart to have a small container of kitty litter on hand for emergencies. You can also use the litter proactively to help clean grease out of a grill before a fire ever starts.

3. Get rid of that musty smellย kitty-litter-blog-4

Whether it's old books, camping equipment, winter clothing from the attic or the attic itself, kitty litter can help soak up that musty odor, just like it does with the smell of your cat's waste. Reader's Digest magazine recommended using the dual sock container method for holding the litter. Then, justย leave it around the objects to make the must go away. Similarly, you can store items with this litter sock to prevent odor in the first place.

4. Add a little tractionย kitty-litter-blog-5

Cat lovers and non-owners alike keep kitty litter in their cars in winter for one reason - to add traction if they get stuck. When the roads get icy or snow-covered, the hardest thing for drivers to do may be to get the wheels to actually make contact with the road and drive home. Kitty litter can help by giving the tire something to grab onto andย get unstuck. Litter helps create friction between the road and tire with its grittiness.It can work for feet as well. So, if you have a dog and don't want to use chemicals or salt that could hurt their paws, just borrow some of your cat's litter to sprinkle on the walkway and get a better grip when it's icy out.Since you're using your cat's litter for alternative purposes, why not get your cat something good too? Use your


ย membership to get discounted gear, supplements and medication to help your cat grow up happy and healthy.

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