Treating a Cat's tail Injury

Treating a Cat's tail Injury

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Cat injuries range from the superficial cut to the life-threatening severe wounds. The cat's tail is a vulnerable part of the cat, and it is important for you the owner- to know how to treat a tail injury. The tail is made of multiple small vertebrae, tendons, nerve bundles, and ligaments. The tail's first vertebra links to the sacrum. This is a special kind of backbone. The cat's spinal cord finishes a few inches above the sacrum. The nerve endings extend down and then through the animal's tail. The nerve endings transfer control and feeling in the feline's hind legs. It also sends impulses to the bladder, anal muscles, and the large intestine.

The cat must be comfortable.

Your cat could be injured on its tail due to many reasons. The most common cause is a fight between two cats. Other reasons include the tail being caught and cut in any fence. The appendage could also suffer a burn due to proximity to a hot stove. Whatever the reason, it must be appropriately treated.

Take the cat to its familiar place to treat the injury. This will put the feline at ease. If the cat has a cut, the first step is to take a piece of sterile gauze and apply pressure on the wound. This will stop or slow any bleeding. The area should then be cleaned with a quality antibacterial soap. Use a bandage to cover it. Even though it is a simple cut, take the cat to the veterinarian. Only a medical professional could understand the severity of that specific injury. The veterinarian will decide whether pain medication or antibiotics should be given to the cat.

Bites and abscesses

Take the cat to the veterinarian right then if your cat's tail has been bitten. Cat bites have bacteria present in feline saliva and could lead to serious medical issues. As noted above, take an antibacterial soap and clean the area. After the wound is clean, bandage the wound. Your veterinarian will do the rest. If the injury is caused by fire or heat, or in medical terms a thermal burn, apply a cold compress and keep it there when you take your cat to the veterinarian. In the case of a chemical burn, flush the area with water. Abscesses are quite a typical kind of tail injury. These occur due to a cat scratching or biting another cat. An abscess occurs when the bacteria from the other cat's nail or the saliva festers below the skin at the wound site. It then bloats into a horrible looking pus-filled lump. The infection could become a life-threatening one if left untreated. Take the cat to the veterinarian immediately. There could be a need for antibiotics and even additional treatment.

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