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If you happen to work in an organization that allows you to bring your pet, consider yourself truly blessed. Having your furry companion beside you during stressful hours of the workday will not only help you feel relaxed but can boost your energy levels as well. It is essential to be considerate of your workplace regulations and your colleagues before you decide to take your pup to work. If your dog prefers his own company and is easily stressed out in new environments, it is best to have him stay at home. Here are a few pointers to remember before taking your dog to your workplace.

Basic Training

In a controlled environment like a workplace, it is all the more important for you to be able to control your pup and his behaviour positively. If your pet is especially disobedient, it is advisable to teach him a few basic trained behaviors to ease the entire process. Ensure that your pup responds to his name and follows a few basic commands like 'stand' and 'sit'. Potty training is also a very important step in the training process. If your dog is not efficiently potty trained, it is best to wait until he is ready, before taking him to the workplace. As a precautionary measure, do carry with you some poop bags and cleaning supplies in the case of an unexpected toilet emergency.

Take care of his food and water

When dogs are placed in new environments, they are either stressed or more active than usual. It is important to keep your pup hydrated throughout the day. To ease him into the environment, bring along his favorite dog bowl and his most preferred dog meal. As your dog will be consuming more food and water, remember to take him out for scheduled walks throughout the day so that he may relieve himself. This will also prevent untoward incidents in the workplace.

Create a comfort zone

Keep your pup entertained by bringing along his favorite bed, blanket, and toys. Ensure that the toys are not excessively loud or squeaky as it can disturb your colleagues. If needed, bring along a leash to secure your dog to your workstation if you would need to step out briefly. Keep an eye out for electrical cords, small office supplies, or other equipment that could put your dog at risk of getting injured.

Remember to pay special attention to your dog to ensure that the new environment does not stress him. Be responsible and considerate of your peers' comfort as well. By taking the initiative to plan ahead, you can ensure a hassle-free time for your dog at the workplace.

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