Training Tips for a Holiday-Ready Dog


Thanksgiving kicks off the winter holiday season with a bang -- and sometimes with lots of new people in your home.Even the most mild-mannered dogs can become flustered, over-excited, or anxious when there are new people around.ย New smells, voices, and faces could bring out some unwanted behavior in your pup.

Top 5 Commands for the Holidays

Here are 5 useful training commands that will keep your home chaos-free and your dog -- and guests -- comfortable and having fun."


" will tell your dog to calm down, focus on you, and await the next command. Your guests will be happy to pet your dog at the door -- instead of having to dodge their leaps and licks."


" will get your dog to return to you from whatever mischief they might be up to -- from darting out the front door to rummaging in Aunt Carol's bag.Training your dog to

enter their crate

will allow you to separate your buddy from too much excitement, and give them a quiet place to snuggle in their favorite blanket instead."


" will let your guests and dog meet in a calm interaction, which can set the tone for your dog's behavior all evening.Are you the one packing off to a relative's house this year? Train your dog to

load safely into your car


For the Especially Rambunctious Dog

Take a look at our

top 10 training tips

for ways to help even the most energetic dogs learn a few new tricks.

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