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It would be great if someone is there to help you with the groceries. You have without a doubt seen videos where a trained dog obediently helps its human family to shop by carrying what they purchased. Yes, you can train your dog to do so. It will patiently wait for you to give it your parcels. The fun part is that a majority of dogs would actually like you to help in such a task. Your only concern should be whether your dog is sufficiently big to carry your grocery bag.

When your dog learns this trick, not only you and your dog will be happy, but your neighbors as well. Watch their jaw drop the first time they see your dog carrying your groceries. The best feature is that the dog will enjoy it so much that it will insist on carrying bags everywhere and anytime!

Defining tasks

You must define the tasks to your dog before you start the training. The task itself is a sequential one. Your dog must come out of the car and run to you. It then accepts the grocery bag and carries them all the way to the house. It is a simple course of action and depends on the previous training of the dog. The breed of the dog is vital in this context. Many consider training your dog in this context an important one. You are teaching your dog "responsibility" and it is contributing to the family. It is vital that the dog must have reached the age to carry the bag without dragging it on the ground. It must also be able to hold the grocery bag comfortably in its mouth.


You must gather a few things before training your dog to carry groceries. Treats are the most important of all; no training can be complete without giving your dog its favorite treat. You also need lots of patience and a quiet environment to conduct the training. There are several methods to train the dog. The most popular is one can each time method. To impart this kind of training, place the leash on the dog and then lead it to the back of the vehicle. Hold the shopping bag at its nose level and encourage the canine to take the bag in its mouth. Give it a treat when it does. Do not forget to praise your dog.

Add a food can to the bag and allow the dog some time to get it used to the new weight. Use the leash to encourage the dog to follow you while carrying the bag. When it does, give it a treat and also praise. Repeat the process until the dog carries groceries into the home.

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