Top Trends in Pet Care Supplies Green Pet Food, Specialty Diets, Pet Fashions, and More

Top Trends in Pet Care Supplies

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Pet care trends are following human trends, meaning there's a boom in green, organic, and other fair-trade type pet supplies out there. Find out how you can treat your pet to the latest and greatest!

The pet care supply business is booming, even in tough economic times. We often look at our pets as equal members of the family, so pet care trends are following human health care trends, showing boosts in organic options, supplements, fashion and others.

Going Green

A healthy pet is a top priority for every pet parent. Premium pet foods and healthy organic choices for dogs and cats are among the top sellers in the pet care supply market. Most animal food companies have some version of a natural or organic pet food available today. These organic pet food options are often replacing the old Alpo bags that we used to see in pet supply stores. Even local grocery stores are reserving aisle space for trendy pet foods. Refrigerated raw dog and cat food is available in many national grocery chains. Alongside people food, pet food is becoming healthier and more nutritious with fewer additives or preservatives. 

This taste for all things "green" extends outside of food and toward products like leashes and collars made from recycled or environmentally friendly materials. Hemp collars and clothing are another part of the sustainable pet market. Pet parents are already the type of people who are concerned with animal welfare and health, so it is just a small step for them to become concerned with the environment. Sensitive pet parents enjoy purchasing products which have little or no impact on the planet. 

Specialty Foods

It seems our health conscious society has put a greater value on specialty foods for humans and pets alike. New foods are appearing to cater to the needs of diabetic and obese animals. Foods designed for urinary health or hairball control in cats are also among the top sellers. The manufacturers have even designed foods specifically for pets with tooth loss or damage because of their advanced age. 

Pet medications and vitamins are another huge trend that contributes to the health and well-being of today's pets. Many people are choosing to give their dog or cat a daily vitamin just like they would for the rest of their family. Pet parents are increasingly aware of the impact that good health can make on the lifespan of pets. 

Increased Protection against Flea and Tick

Flea and tick control products, which are applied to the skin or fed to the pet, are also among the latest pet supply trends. Products like Advantix or Comfortis are extremely effective against pests like ticks, which are known to carry disease. More and more pet parents are spending their money on products to prevent unnecessary suffering from the bites that these pests inflict. Veterinary clinics and pet supply stores are filled with pest control products for dogs and cats. These products are also available for large animals like horses or donkeys. Because of the research and testing that goes into the creation of these products, prices tend to be quite high. Most pet parents find that the money is worth spending to protect their pets.

Making Pets Fashionable

On the opposite side of the spectrum, glamorous clothing is also a hot trend, especially for dog parents. Rhinestone collars, flashy colors, and even genuine gemstones are incorporated into the standard doggy jackets and hats. Leashes with personalized messages and even necklaces for your dog are on the menu at many pet stores. Cat clothing is not quite as popular as the items meant for dogs, but cat toys and houses are fun items for cat parents. Cat houses with multiple stories and cute accessories can be found in most pet supply stores.

Pet supply trends like organic foods, green products, and vitamins help increase the welfare of everyone's pets. Since so many of us own pets, the pet supply market has to change constantly to keep up with consumer demands. The top trends in pet care supplies are those which are good for the planet and the pet, while increasing pet health and happiness.

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