Top 5 Tips for a Pet-Safe Thanksgiving


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, make sure you and your pets are ready for safe travels and hazard-free fun.All the rich foods, the long car ride you have planned, or the house-full of guests coming over could all be potential safety hazards for your pet. Here's how to keep your four-legged family enjoying the holiday fun right along with you.

Top 5 Tips for Pet Safety This Thanksgiving

1. Turkey bones may seem like a delicious treat, but all poultry bones can splinter if a pet chews on or eats them, and that can mean injury to their mouth or digestive system. Give your pet a turkey-flavored pet food instead.2. Chocolate, onions, and garlic are among the most toxic foods for pets. Read up on

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, and keep any uncovered dishes in your sight if your pet is likely to try to sneak a bite from the table or counter.3. In general, table foods aren't meant for pets. Too much salt and fat can cause tummy troubles, or even liver troubles, which could require a veterinary visit.4. If you're taking your pet with you to a relative's or friend's house, be sure to bring a travel water bowl and the proper crate or harness. Then follow the

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.5. If the party is coming to you this year, your pet could become nervous with all the extra

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