Top 5 Dog Breeds Ideal for House Protection

Top 5 Dog Breeds Ideal for House Protection

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Most people usually get a dog for companionship or the sheer love of these adorable creatures. But in some cases, a dog can be a savior too. Many people often look for a dog that can protect them and their home from intruders and burglars.

Not all dogs are naturally good at guarding your home, though. Certain specific breeds act as excellent guard dogs. If you are thinking of adopting a dog that will keep you company and also protect your house, here are the top 5 breeds you should consider.


This crossbreed between Bulldogs and Mastiffs is a large muscular breed that is quite intimidating to look at. These dogs are best known for their great muscular strength, protective instincts, courage, and loyalty. It can easily knock over an intruder or at least block their path if they try to enter your house. This breed is otherwise very gentle with people known to it and can be a great companion as a family dog.

Doberman Pinscher

If you have seen a Doberman Pinscher, you already know why it is on our list. These dogs are fiercely protective and extremely fast. Just a look at one of these dogs will be enough to ward intruders away. With their lean but muscular build, sleek coat and long face, they look like they were born to protect. These dogs are brilliant and highly energetic. It would take a Doberman just a few seconds to reach an intruder before they enter your property. These dogs require regular exercise to maintain their strength and energy though and are best suited for large properties as they would love to run around and be active.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are both gentle family pets and fierce guard dogs. This breed of dogs is fiercely courageous and will do anything to protect its owner. This is one reason why they are the most popular choice for police and military dog squads. They are extremely strong, immensely loyal, and highly intelligent.

Giant Schnauzer

When the name itself says โ€œgiantโ€ there is surely something big about this breed. This breed of dogs is huge and demands attention just because of its stature. Any intruder would think twice before crossing its path. These dogs are extremely loyal and intelligent too and make great family pets. But they are strong-willed and protective, so they can be trained to be very good guard dogs as well.


This breed of dogs was originally bred for cattle protection and so, have a natural protective instinct. They are intelligent and extremely loyal. They are gentle when around the family, but do not trust strangers easily unless properly introduced. That is one quality which makes them perfect guard dogs.

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