Top 5 Books About Getting a New Pet For Kids

Top 5 Books About Getting a New Pet For Kids

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Do you have a daughter or son who repeatedly requests you to get a pet? Has your child requested you to adopt a cat, a dog, a hamster, or even a guinea pig? If your little tyke's requests for a pet are increasing, then perhaps you should consider the books listed below on getting a new pet for kids. These books will not only help your child get excited about pet ownership, but it will help them appreciate the responsibilities they can expect with pet care.

1. Lola Gets a New Pet

A favorite by Anna McQuinn, the book tells the tale of a young girl who is eager to adopt a pet cat. Her mother insists that it would require too much work. Throughout the book, Lola attempts to learn on her own about the care and responsibilities involved in owning a new cat. She does this by reading several books and even practicing cat care with her toy animals. After ample reading and practice, Lola finally feels ready to own a cat.

2. Our Very Own Dog

If your child loves dogs, then this book by Amanda McCardie is the one to read! In the story, a family adopts a new dog from the shelter. They take it home and name her Sophie. Throughout the story, the book offers small tips for dog owners, such as ensuring there is a dog tag present at all times on the collar with the phone number and address of the owner. It even provides suggestions on how to use a calm and soothing voice to relax your pet and provide new chewing toys for their teeth.

3. The Perfect Pet

This book is aimed at girls who truly desire to own a pet. Written by Margie Palatini, the story tells about a girl named Elizabeth, whose parents aren't too keen about getting a pet for the home. In its place, they give Elizabeth a cactus. Although Elizabeth is appreciative of the plant, she tries her best to convince her parents that a pet is a better choice. It is at this juncture that Elizabeth meets a creature named Doug? Who is Doug? You'll have to read to find out!

4. Land Shark

We all know sharks don't make logical pets, but this book by Beth Ferry might convince you otherwise. In the story, a boy named Bobby would like to get a pet shark on his birthday. He is sure that his parents will get him the shark. However, he is disappointed when they present him with a dog. Bobby is definitely not happy. If you need to wheel in your child's desire to own a pet and teach him about the practicality of pet ownership, then this is the book for you.

5. Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet

In this delightful story by Kelly DiPucchio, Gilbert engages with a mouse, a fly, and finally a dog. He is trying to discover the right pet for himself. However, he finally finds his best pet friend. Who might this be? The books on this list will help your child not only learn about pet ownership but also whether itโ€™s the right choice for them.

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