Toilet-training Your New Cat

Toilet-training Your New Cat

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Cat owners decide to toilet train their pets for many reasons, whether it is the sight or smell of the litterbox or the task of cleaning it. Helping your cat make a transition from a litter box to the toilet, may be easy or difficult depending on your cat. For instance, if your cat is not comfortable with using the litterbox, it may not be able to adapt to a toilet bowl very easily. While if your cat is older and accustomed to using the litter box, it may adapt to a toilet training routine may be a little difficult.

  • Have any one of the bathrooms at home designated for toilet-training your cat. Make sure that the door to this bathroom is always open, and the toilet lid is up while the seat is down always. Keep the litter box right next to the toilet for a couple of days, so your cat gets accustomed to the bathroom.
  • Place newspapers or other sturdy support objects under the litter box, so it adds some height. The idea is to gradually increase the height at which the litter box is placed till it is in level with the toilet bowl. You want to gradually increase the height in steps of 3 inches each day. Don't forget to give your cat some training treats if it walks on the toilet seat.
  • Once the litter box is in level with the toilet seat, and your cat is comfortable using it, move the litter box to top of the toilet (while the lid is closed). Then, start using a training seat that has flushable litter instead of the litter box, after it gets comfortable with using the litter box without accidents. If you do not have a training seat you can try using an aluminum pan (you can secure it to the toilet bowl by using some duct tape).
  • Once your cat gets accustomed to using the training seat, start gradually increasing the size of the hole at the bottom of the seat, by moving to bigger training trays or cutting a bigger hole at the pan bottom, depending on which one you use. Also, start reducing the amount of litter that you fill in the training tray or aluminum pan as you go forward.
  • In about two weeks time, you should be able to remove the aluminum pan or training tray completely. Your cat should now be comfortable with eliminating directly in the toilet bowl.

Cats take anywhere between a couple of weeks and a few months to be completely toilet-trained. If your cat makes mistakes while being toilet-trained do not give it a scolding, instead take a step back and resume the toilet training.

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