Tips To Select A Good Pet Sitter

Tips To Select A Good Pet Sitter

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The main job of a pet sitter is to look after your pet when youโ€™re not at home. A qualified pet sitter should know the feeding, grooming and lifestyle habits of your pet and also what to do during an emergency. Selecting a good pet sitter should be important for you because animals donโ€™t often show the same behavior towards strangers as humans do. If youโ€™re looking for a good pet sitter, then you should consider the following tips before choosing the right one.

#1 Friendly behavior

A good pet sitter should be able to exhibit friendly behavior towards your pet. Your pet should also be comfortable around that person. Some pets are fussy and apart from their owner they donโ€™t mix well with others. If you think someone is a good candidate for a pet sitter, then have your pet mix with that person in your presence. See how things work out and then you can decide.

#2 Fun personality

No one likes being around a dull person. Then why should your pet? Look for someone who is fun to be around with and someone who can have fun with your pet. Ardent animal lovers are usually the best candidate for the job because they enjoy being around animals and know how to have fun with them.

#3 legal documents

If you are planning to hire a pet sitter from a professional company, then make sure they have proper documents like insurance and bonding. Also, inquire around to confirm that the company is legit and have been in business for some time.

#4 Reputation

Itโ€™s a good idea to hire someone who has some amount of experience doing this job. Handling animals can be difficult and even irritating but true professionals know their job and they know when to do what.

#5 Veterinary background

Having a background in veterinary is not mandatory but is a plus. It comes in handy when your pet falls sick or when he requires emergency medical care. Of course, a good pet sitter will rush your pet to a vet if a medical emergency arises but itโ€™s to know that your pet is constantly under the care of someone who knows how to handle pet health issues.


If you stay away from your pet for long hours, then finding a good pet sitter should be of importance. A good pet sitter should be friendly and should know your petโ€™s lifestyle like eating habits, playing time, pooping and sleeping. If youโ€™re planning to hire a professional pet sitter, then make sure he/she is reputed and has done this before. Having a veterinary background is not must but itโ€™s a good thing if the pet sitter has one.

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