Tips to Protect Your Dog From the Noise On New Year's Eve


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New Year's eve is just around the corner and most of us are probably gearing up to party all night to celebrate, considering the kind of roller coaster 2016 has been. But, let us not forget that all that noise can be a source of great anxiety for our little feline and canine companions. With loud music, fireworks, laughter and noise, our pets might feel that their world is under siege. In fact, some pets even go so far as to jump out of windows and hurt their paws trying to get out of locked doors. To help your pet get through the night, consider the following tips:

  1. Confine your pet โ€“ Pets tend to have their favorite hiding spots where they go when they're frightened. Some pets feel safe an secure in crates, but this does not apply to all. If your pet is not used to a crate and is uncomfortable in it, he'll only find it more stressful and injure his nails and teeth trying to get out. If a crate is out of the equation, place him in a quite room where he cannot damage himself or your belongings.
  2. Counter the racket with positive noise โ€“ Even if you not tried noise conditioning on your pet so far, you can try distracting your dog from the alarming sounds. Classical music has been shown to relieve anxiety in animals. Turn up the music to a comfortable volume. It should be loud enough to drown out some of the party noise but not too loud as to disturb your pet. Some pets prefer watching TV. If your pet has a favorite show, record a few episodes so that he can watch it for several hours.
  3. Calming therapy โ€“ Lavender oil has been shown to reduce anxiety in dogs. You can either apply it on his skin or let him smell it. Alternatively, you can spray it on his favorite blanket. Canine pheromone sprays are found to be helpful for cats. These sprays usually contain a synthetic copy of the facial pheromone that cats use to mark their territory as secure and safe. You can use it as a spray or a plug-in room diffuser.
  4. Exercise โ€“ Take your dog out during the day and make sure that he can get as much exercise as he can handle. If you have a ca, spend the day using laser pointing toys and feather wands to play with him. Hopefully, by the time the revelry begins, they will be too tired to bother.
  5. Distract your pet with game and toys โ€“ Give your pet a food puzzle that he can play with during the party, or get him a bunch of new toys. If you have a dog, stuff the puzzle toy with peanut butter to hold his attention and if you have a cat, spray some catnip on the new toy to keep him focused.
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