Tips to Prevent Your Dog From Licking Excessively

Tips to Prevent Your Dog From Licking Excessively

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Licking is a natural behavior in dogs. They use it to explore and taste things around them. They also use it shower you with affection every time you get back home. However, if your dog shows signs of excessive licking, then it could be an issue. Let's take a look at what causes some dogs to excessively lick and how to put a stop to it.


Excessive repeated licking could be an obsessive compulsive behavior that your dog engages in due to stress or anxiety. There could be many reasons that could be causing this from boredom to separation anxiety. Sometimes, dogs experience anxiety due to pent up energy. Make sure that your dog gets a good amount of exercise every day, so it releases the pent up energy and does not resort to excessive licking to cope with anxiety. Other ways to dispel anxiety include massage therapy and acupuncture, as they naturally help your dog to relax. You could even take your dog out swimming, so that he/she does not feel stressed or anxious. If your dog resorts to excessive licking because he is bored or experiences separation anxiety, get him/her a

pet toy

or chewy so he/she can stay busy while you are not around.

Medical conditions

If your dog has a tendency to lick certain body parts excessively, then you want to have him checked by the vet at the earliest. It could be anything from a thorn that is stuck in its paw that is causing pain to a fungal infection that is turning its skin itchy, which is making him excessively lick. Excessive licking could also be due to nausea from an underlying gastro-intestinal condition, bone fracture or cancer. Either way, it is best that you approach a vet, so they can

prescribe medication

or other treatment.

Exuberant licks

Sometimes, your dog's excessive licking is harmless; it's just how your dog shows its exuberance. Of course, if you dog is leaving everything from your favorite sweats to shoes drenched in affection then you probably want to put a stop to it. Convey the same to your pet through a loud and clear message. If your dog licks excessively, simply walk away and avert your glance. Follow it up with a stern โ€œnoโ€, so your dog understands that you are not keen on the behavior. If your dog starts licking again, repeat a โ€œnoโ€ in the same tone. You want to be consistent with your orders, or your dog will not get the message. If your dog does stop licking, reward him with a treat, so he knows that the behavior is encouraged and to positively reinforce it.

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