Tips to Make A Feeding Schedule For Your Kitten

Tips to Make A Feeding Schedule For Your Kitten

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Like all animals, the growth of a cat depends on its eating habits as a kitten. If you have a kitten, then feeding the right amount of food will ensure that it grows into a healthy cat. However, cats are fussy and moody creatures and will tend to eat whatever they feel like eating.Creating a schedule for the first six months of growth should be your main aim. A good schedule that covers all the necessary nutrition requirements for your kitten is enough to ensure your cat eats well. Additionally, stick to the schedule and train your kitten to follow it no matter what.

What to feed your kitten?

The nutritional needs of kittens are different from adult cats. There are plenty of cat food available in the market but buy those that have the age group specified on their label. Feeding a kitten food that is meant for adults may have adverse effects.Take extra care while feeding your kitten because only food that has been approved by a food trial should be given. This information too will be available on the label.

Feeding scheduleMorning meal

After your kitten wakes up, give some fresh water in a bowl. Follow that with half a can of cat food. You can refrigerate the rest of the food. Additionally, give some kitten kibble and observe its eating habits. You can also give some cat food that is high in protein content. It is expected that your kitten will play throughout the day so giving high protein will be beneficial.

Afternoon meal

Refill the water bowl with fresh water and follow it with about a quarter cup of kitten kibble. You can use either homemade or store bought treats to exercise your kitten. Train your cat to respond to its name through the use of treats. It will make it easier for you to give it treat.

Evening meals

For the evening meal change the water if required and give about half a can of kitten food from the morning meal. Also, keep about a quarter cup of kitten kibble for your kitten to eat whenever it feels hungry.Make sure your kitten gets enough exercise after each


so that the calories get burned.Taking care of your kittenโ€™s eating habit is the best you can help your kitten grow into a healthy cat. Prepare a schedule that contains the essential elements required for growth. Also, keep a tab on the amount of water and food consumed because quantity is very important for proper development. Follow the schedule for six months and soon you will see the difference in your kittenโ€™s growth.

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