Tips to Give Your Achy Dog The Bee's Knees



Playing sports like football, basketball and soccer putsย considerable strain on people's knees and can lead to traumatic injuries, such as tears to the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL. But humans aren't alone in this risk, as running after tennis balls or jumping off the couch might injure dogs' knees as well.ABC News explained that while dogs can get hurt similarly to their owners, it's more likely that their

tears are subtle and will continue to grow over time

from everyday strain. Eventually, these injuries could become a painful obstacle to manage due to the animals' high level of physical activity. Surgeries pose a challenge, as many veterinarians aren't qualified to conduct these extensive operations.However, 65-pound pitbull Molly underwent her first procedure in December 2012 to repair a torn ligament. But after only a few months, an injury to her other knee resulted in a second operation. Yet, the 3-year-old pooch has endured. Now, she'sย able to run, swim and climb like she did prior to surgery.According to ABC News, dog surgery can cost up to $5,000 depending on the location and severity of the injury. This high cost makes maintaining proper knee health essential to the well-being of both canines and their owners.

Promoting strong dog knee health

Keeping your pooch's knees safe and healthy is critical to ensuring a long and happy life, but sometimes injuries can't be avoided. According to VetStreet, sudden lameness in young, active canines typically serves as a

sign of an acute injury

. But for older dogs, ligaments can simply break down afterย chronic wear and tear.While surgeries are pathways to healing injuries, the best action that owners can take is prevention. It's always better to avoid injury than sink money into lengthy procedures. One of the best prevention methods is keeping your dog at an ideal weight and taking him on runs to bolster his conditioning. This strengthens the leg muscles to better support his knees. Exercises like swimming maintain low-impact training, which reduces stress on the ligaments and tendons.If your dog yelps while running or comes up lame after trotting, don't wait to take him to a veterinarian. This might decrease his chances of fully recovering and could limit the function of his legs.When looking to promote strong

dog knee health

, a membership with


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