Tips To Clean Your Kittenโ€™s Fur And Avoid Foul Odor

Tips To Clean Your Kittenโ€™s Fur And Avoid Foul Odor

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Poor health hygiene in animals attracts and spreads disease in the house. Animals should be kept clean and baths at regular intervals is necessary among other clean practices. Cats are fairly clean creatures and you can always find them grooming themselves. But even then, their fur can be all over the place and sometimes it releases a foul odor which can be very irritating. If you have a kitten and you donโ€™t know how to take care of the fur problem, then here are few tips that will help you.

#1 Clean using a wet and dry cloth

Clean your kittenโ€™s fur from time to time with a wet and dry cloth. Use lukewarm water and gently rub it up and down your kittenโ€™s body. Use the dry cloth to wipe off excess water. Doing this will ensure that your kitten stays clean and does not leave fur wherever she goes.

#2 Check eating habits

Diet is an important part of fur growth and health, thus you have to make sure you are feeding your cat properly. Check for bad breath and foul smelling feces. If you find anything out of the ordinary, take her to a vet and change her diet accordingly.

#3 Baths

Cats usually keep themselves clean but if you feel your cat is too dirty then give her a bath. Use cat shampoo and other cleaning products specifically for cats. Use warm water because if the water is too cold or too hot your cat might get rashes on her skin.

#4 Clean after every meal

Sometimes, morsels that get stuck on your catโ€™s fur lead to different skin diseases and fur related problems. Check after meal to ensure that there arenโ€™t any food bits stuck on her fur or whiskers.

#5 Stop your cat from spraying

All that awful smell in your house can be a result of your cat spraying. Spraying is a natural phenomenon and animals use it to mark their territory. Keep an eye on your kitten and if you find her spraying then train her so that she doesnโ€™t spray around the house anymore.


Fur and odor problems are common with kittens and need to be taken care of by their owners. They can arise due to a number of problems. Diet is an important factor and a healthy kitten is less likely to lose fur than an unhealthy one. Keep your kitten clean by wiping with a wet and dry cloth. Give baths and use products like shampoo and face wash meant for cats only. Keep a watch over your kitten and stop her from spraying around the house. Spraying often leads to foul smells.

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