Tips to Cheer up a Depressed Dog

Tips to Cheer up a Depressed Dog

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Just like humans, even your dogs can suffer from depression and sometimes, you need to cheer them up. Depression can affect your canine on a regular basis due to separation anxiety. While there is medicine to treat depression, it has a lot of side effects which can harm your canine even more. Instead, you can try different methods to uplift the mood of your canine friend.

How do you know if your dog is depressed?

To know if your canine is suffering from depression, check for the following symptoms.

  • Excessive sleeping
  • Zero interest in going for a walk
  • No interest in playing games or with toys
  • Abnormal eating habits
  • Defecating around the house
  • Unexpected aggressive behavior
How to cheer up a depressed dog?

If your canine is suffering from depression, here are 5 tips you can use to cheer it up.

  1. Stick to daily routines consistentlyCanines love to have a routine in their life as they know what to expect throughout the day. All daily routines such as going for walks, eating food, exercise, grooming, and bedtime should be on schedule every day. By doing this, your canine will always look forward to getting out its bed and going on with its day.
  2. Offer new foodWhen your canine isnโ€™t interested in eating food due to depression, try to spice up the menu. Although you should be feeding the same food every day, you can offer small snacks in between so that your canine will regain its interest in eating food. However, you shouldnโ€™t offer unhealthy treats all the time as your canine can gain weight.
  3. Spend more timeIf your canine is up for it, take it for a long walk during morning to help it get through the day. When you are taking it for a walk, spend more time with your canine. You can talk to it, play with it, and feed it to uplift its mood. However, you shouldnโ€™t be rewarding your canine when it is depressed as it will reinforce such behavior.
  4. Play musicCanines are just like humans when it comes to music as it can have a positive effect on their mood. According to a study done by Scottish SPCA, classical music has a calming effect on canines. When your canine is feeling down or if you are planning on going out, play classical music to uplift its mood.

Donโ€™t worry if your canine is suffering from depression as it is treatable. If you use the above tips to cheer up your depressed canine, you wonโ€™t have to use medication at all. If you have any queries about depression in canines, leave a comment below.

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