Tips That Make Cat Nail Trimming Easier


Most animals, be it cats of dogs, arenโ€™t particularly fond of getting their nails trimmed. Very few cats actually sit still during the process. In most cases, trimming their claws turn out to be a demanding task. From sprinting away at the sight of the nail cutter, to hiding, to simply being non-cooperative, cats can be evasive during such times. Yes, it is painful and comes with its share of blood loss (sometimes for both parties). But avoiding the nail trimming session can cause a lot of harm to the well-being of the kitty. Here are some ways to make this stressful and painful session, a lot easier for your feline. 

  1. Take frequent breaks: It is not necessary to finish the whole process in one go. It can be traumatizing for your furry friend, so take it easy and take enough breaks in between. This can help relaxing your cat, and mentally preparing him for whatโ€™s to come.
  2. Wrap a towel: Wrapping a towel around your cat can help in confining his movements. This also plays an important role in making the cat feel secure. Other than the paw that is currently being trimmed, it is best to wrap everything else.
  3. Bribe the cat: Bribery isnโ€™t always the best method to solve problems, but when it is as complex as nail trimming, it can be permitted. Give the cat a treat every time he lets you touch his paws. This way nail trimming will be automatically associated with treats, and can be a less stressful process for your cat.
  4. Get your cat comfortable: A familiar environment plays a huge role. Seat your cat in a position where he feels comfortable. A happy place, could give room to a happy mind. And that is exactly what nail trimming sessions need.
  5. Regularize nail trimming: Making the process a regular affair makes sure that your cat is used to the experience. This way, your cat is mentally prepared, and his nails are regularly trimmed.
  6. Be gentle: As nervous as you are to keep the nail cutting process blood free, cats need to be handled gently. Make them feel special, rub their paws, and most importantly, go slow. Hurrying the process will just make it stressful for both parties.
  7. Involve another person: Having an extra person on board while trimming your cats nail could help make it easier for you. But make sure it is someone who your cat is comfortable with.
  8. Tire the cat out- Having a fun play session and drain their energy a little bit, so that they donโ€™t put up a big fight while trimming their nails. Keep the game positive, and fun so as to keep your cat in good spirits.
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