Tips on How to Keep Peace in Your Multi-Cat House


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As cats are territorial animals by nature, your house will be filled with tension if you have multiple felines. Even if your felines bonded, there are chances of the situation going out of hand. Unless you are closely paying attention to the body language of your felines, it's very hard to know what is going on between your cats. However, you can keep peace in your multi-cat house, with these simple tips:

  1. Make more resources availableIf there arenโ€™t enough resources in your multi-cat house, your felines will have to compete for resources such as space, food, and litter box. When your feline faces competition, it will make them more aggressive and anxious. Luckily, you can solve this problem by making more resources available. When you are increasing the number of resources, make sure you distribute them throughout the household. The whole point of making more resources available is to prevent your felines from feeling like they canโ€™t access certain resources because of the other cats. As a result of this, your felines will much happier and at peace.
  2. Use pheromone plug-ins and spraysWhen your felines rub their face against your body, it is not only a way of saying hi. There are also marking you as the glands release pheromones. When your felines mark you, they are saying you are safe to them. When you have multiple cats in your house, there are chances of high tension. When you use pheromone plug-ins and sprays, you can make your felines feel secure. You can easily use them and de-escalate high-tension situations quickly.
  3. Uncover litter boxesWe use covered litter boxes to prevent felines from kicking feces on to the floor. However, when you use these type of litter boxes in your multi-cat house, your felines will be under tension and fear. Covered litter boxes restrict the field of vision of your felines, making it harder for them to escape if one of your cats approaches them. Covered litter boxes have only a single escape route, making your felines feel vulnerable as it is easy for other cats to ambush them. Always uncover the litter boxes when you have multiple cats at home.
  4. Provide adequate perches and hiding spotsYour felines should have adequate perches and hiding spots so that they can observe their environment without been seen. Although felines will find hiding spots throughout your house, it doesnโ€™t hurt to add a few extra perches and hiding spots. You can clear some space in your bookshelf or install cat trees.

Use these four tips to keep peace in your multi-cat house. If you have any queries regarding this topic, feel free to leave a comment below! 

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