Tips On Caring For A Pregnant Dog

Tips On Caring For A Pregnant Dog

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If you have decided to breed your dog, there are many requirements to be fulfilled. It is not a simple task taking care for a pregnant dog. They are usually pregnant for 58 to 68 days, and during this period, there are many points you have to ensure while looking after your dog. Remember that proper caring is important for successful breeding.Here are a few important tips to keep in mind while caring for a pregnant dog.

Feed high quality food

The diet of a pregnant dog has to be monitored carefully. Make sure that you feed only commercial dog food of high quality for the first four weeks. These contain all the necessary nutrients. Then in the fifth or sixth week, increase the amount by 20 โ€“ 25%. In the sixth week, increase it by another 25%. Pregnant dogs need more food. They eat not only for themselves, but for their puppies too. Feed her frequently in small amounts.

Maintain low-intensity exercises

You can carry on low-intensity physical activities like walking and light jogging. Avoid exercises that are strenuous and take a lot of energy that could overtire her. You need to be even more careful after the first month of pregnancy. Your dog needs to be fit and in a good shape to help her babies when the time comes.

Do not vaccinate

Make sure that your dog does not receive vaccinations of any kind during pregnancy. A vaccination right before pregnancy though, is a great idea. This will ensure that her puppies receive a good quantity of antibodies during lactation. In the case of medication, although most medicines are safe, it is always best to seek advice from a vet to guarantee safety of the puppies and the mother too.

Remember to deworm

Deworming is a crucial measure to take for pregnant dogs. It makes sure that worm infestations of any kind like roundworm, hookworm or tapeworm are not passed on to her babies. Wormers like Fenbendazole are suitable and safe, but always visit the vet first to ensure the correct dosage and products are administered.

Get a whelping box

It is recommended that you either buy or make a whelping box that will be a safe place for delivering puppies. Make sure that it is wide enough so that your dog can stretch fully without any constriction, and still have space for the puppies. The walls need to high, strong and secure so the puppies will not be able to climb out. Remember to make it comfortable and cosy by throwing in bedding so the new family can relax.

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