Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

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As your four-legged canine friend is a part of your family, you want to take it along everywhere you go. Your canine will make your family vacation, even better as everyone loves to have it around. Here are some tips for traveling with your dog, so that you can make the trip more enjoyable than it already is.


It isnโ€™t always necessary that every hotel will be okay with pets. Before you start traveling to a new place, make a list of hotels on your route that are pet-friendly. When you are taking your canine to a new place, make sure you never leave it alone as it will destroy the property or create a nuisance. Always pick up after your canine so that the property is clean. Find out places nearby your accommodation, where you can take your canine for a walk.


When you are traveling with your canine, you need to have a crate as it is the best way to keep it safe. When purchasing crates for your canine, they need to have the following features:

  • Enough space to stand up, turn around and lie down.
  • Grips and handles for easy handling.
  • The bottom has an absorbent material and is leak-proof.
  • Ventilation from all sides for better airflow.

Ensure you place an extra comfortable mat, a water bottle, and its favorite toy in the crate before traveling.

Health and safety tips
  • Ensure your canine is up-to-date with all its vaccinations as airlines ask for health certifications. Also, take it for a health checkup before traveling with your canine.
  • Carry medications, food and bottled water to keep your canine healthy.

Even though you never want it to happen to your canine, there are chances of it getting lost. Use these tips so that your canine has proper identification, making it easier to find it.

  • Get your canine a microchip as it is a permanent type of identification. Make sure your canine has a sturdy collar and leash. The leash of your canine should have its name, your contact number, and proof of vaccination.
  • Carry a recent picture of your canine in your wallet and phone.
Travel by car
  • Get your canine used to traveling in a car by taking it for small trips.
  • Avoid feeding your canine before traveling by car. However, ensure your canine has access to plenty of drinking water.
  • Make sure there is plenty of ventilation throughout the car.
  • Take regular breaks so that your canine can relieve itself and stretch its muscles.
Travel by plane
  • Ensure you are carrying proof of vaccinations and all health certifications of your canine as airlines need them.
  • Check with the airline to find out their terms and conditions for carrying pets.
  • Make sure you only use airline approved crates to carry your canine.
Travel by boat, bus, train

Always check with the boat, bus, and train operator about pet policies before taking your canine onboard. Most of the cruises allow pets and have special accommodation and food for them.Follow these simple tips when you are traveling with your dog. If you have any queries regarding this topic, feel free to leave a comment below:

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