Tips for House Training Your Pup

Tips for House Training Your Pup

You don't wantย your puppy to urinate in the house, and neither do they, but they'll need your help to learn how to go appropriately. It takes a significant amount of

patience, commitment and vigilance to house-train a dog

, the Humane Society of the United States explained. You need to show your pup consistency and build a structure to bathroom breaks and usage that they can abide by and flourish under.

Develop a schedule

Young dogs can only wait so long, so a schedule can be a mutually beneficial way to think about bathroom breaks. Aย 2-month-old puppy can only hold their urine for aboutย two hours, the Humane Society pointed out. So you should establish a timeline for when you'll go outside and stick to it. You'll also need to establish a feeding schedule three to four times a day that should mesh with the bathroom schedule to give them a chance to release theirย waste in a timely manner and avoid an accident. Cesar's Way noted that dogs betweenย 2 andย 4 months old can digest food in as little as five to 30 minutes.Bedtime should be a part of your puppy's bigger schedule. The Human Society suggested removing his water dish aboutย two hours before bedtime to prevent multiple midnight bathroom breaks.

Find your 'bathroom area'

Once you have your schedule, you'll be taking your pup outside pretty frequently while they're betweenย 2 andย 4 months old. It's important to bring themย to a similar area each time. Whether this is a spot in the woods on your property where waste is permitted or somewhere comfortable where you can pick up after your pup, this will help teach them that when they go to this location it's time for the bathroom.

Reward themย for doing well, and don't punish for mistakes

House-training can be difficult, and you may get upset, but it's important to stay calm while potty training. Not only is it mean to get angry at your young pup, but it can actually teach them that bodily functions are bad, Cesar's Way explained. This may even causeย more accidents. When an accident occurs, just move your dog to an appropriate area where they can relieve themself.When theyย does go to the bathroom outdoors, give your dog a treat or reward. Let them know that they did a good job. Over time, things will get easier and your dog will grow into a close friend who is fully house-trained.While you're training your pup, use your


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