Tips for calming your dog at the Vet's


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A trip to the vetโ€™s office is one filled with anxiety and stress not just for the pet but for the pet owner as well. Petโ€™s suffer from this anxiety due to a sudden change in their environment and the nature of the clinic in general. A stress-out and hyper-active pet can make the trip to the vet time consuming and strenuous.

Taking a pet to the vet is a whole lot worse than taking a child to the doctor or dentist. The random movements and moods of the pet can be hard to manage. There are certain steps that pet owners can take beforehand in order to help their pets and reduce their anxieties before such trips.

Familiarize them with the car- In order to help your pets better identify with the car and remain calm, positive images need to be connected with the vehicle. This means that, it is no enough to just go to the vetโ€™s office in the car. This will automatically make the pet anxious at the sight of it. Take your pet to a variety of fun places such as the park or to the store in your car so that the pet learns to relax in the tight environment of the vehicle and has positive expectations from such car trips.

Try calming herbs and drugs- There are a wide range of pet calming drugs and natural herbs sold over the counter which can keep pets calm for extended periods of time. Some of the best calming agents contain Tryptophan or chamomile. One can take a consultation from a vet regarding the best calming agent for given breed of dog. Making the pet ingest such agents just before the trip can make things easier during travel and during the check-up at the clinic.

Choose an empathetic vet- Vets that treat their animal patients coldly often induce more anxiety in them. Choosing a vet that bonds correctly with the pet is vital in keeping them free from stress and anxiety during the check-up. Some vets are experts at handling animals and are playful with them from the beginning of the checkup in order to keep them calm during various procedures.

Carry treats- This is one of the most effective ways of not only keeping pets calm during visits to the vet but also help them develop a better attitude through positive reinforcement. Treats should be given for numerous successful activities such as keeping calm in the car, travelling to the vetโ€™s office without a fuss and for undergoing the checkup. Treats should be given after each such completed activity. Added to this, the owners should bring their pets to the vets routinely in order to develop the habit.

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