Tips for Bathing a Pet Who Hates Water

Tips for Bathing a Pet Who Hates Water

 Some pets just


water, but letโ€™s be honest here: itโ€™s a rare pet who is really excited about getting into the bathtub. What do you do whenย bathing your petย has turned into a wrestling match worthy of a reality TV crew? Here are some tips.

1. Stick to a professional.

Letโ€™s just go ahead and get the โ€œlast resortโ€ out of the way. When all is lost and youโ€™re tired of getting scratched up and your pet is tired of getting traumatized, then take your pet to a groomer. They know how to deal with difficult pets and how to be very efficient and calming during the grooming process so that your pet wonโ€™t have to suffer too much, even if your wallet begs to differ.

2. DIY, but not in your house.

Take your dog to

a DIY dogwash. The anchor leash will help keep your dogโ€™s head still to eliminate struggle. Better yet, between no scuffling, the raised tubs, and the hand-held spray, this should entirely eliminate back strain while you give your pet a very thorough washing.

3. Use a hand shower at home.

Many DIY instructions about bathing a pet include filling buckets of water to pour over your pet to wet and rinse them, but weโ€™ve had the experience of a dog who was much more amenable to being bathed at home

once the pet's parent started using a hand shower for wetting and rinsing the petโ€™s fur.

4. Use dry shampoo between washings.

If you want to extend the time between trauma โ€“ I mean bathing โ€“ then try using this

Dry Shampoo For Dogs and Cats

to make dirt removal gentle and simple without water, and while preserving essential oils in the fur.Youย can also try

Bio-Groom Waterless Bath No Rinse Shampoo

, which contains anti-microbial tea tree oil. Along with cleaning your pet's fur, this spray can also detangle fur and relieve itching.

Do you have any tips or tales about bathing your pet? Let us know in the comments, and consider signing up forย PetPlus, a benefit program for pet owners that provides member-only access to medications at wholesale prices, plus discounts on food, supplies, vet visits, boarding, and more.
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