Tips for Bath Time Fun With Your Pet Dog


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Whether it is a dog or a cat you want to bathe, the most crucial thing is to start when they are young โ€“ and by that we mean when they are babies. However, even if they are just babies, you cannot toss them right into the bathtub. You need a plan, or a strategy, or something along those lines to help your pet get ready for a lifetime of enjoying splashes in the tub.

  • Playtime โ€“ Play and toys are essential before you get your pet to get in the tub. Play with them for a while in the bathroom and give them their favorite toys. This will teach them that the bathroom is not a place to be afraid of. Just like kids, toys spell fun for your pet in the tub (make sure you get them plastic ones). Pets especially like toys with hidden treats. It's even better if you can include treats that sweeten their breath and clean their teeth.
  • Water temperature โ€“ Kitties and puppies are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Ensure that the water is lukewarm so that their sensitive and sweet baby skin won't scald. It is important to keep in mind that hot water can shock an animal which has never had a bath before. After all, this is their first time in the water.
  • Water wings โ€“ You don't need floatation devices that are meant to help young children learn how to swim. However, for a young animal who has never been in a bathtub, paws against porcelain can lead to horrible scrabbling, sliding and scratching that no one would want. Place a non-slip mat so that your pet will have a perch to stand upon instead of getting dragged into the abyss of the bathtub. It will give your pet something to cling to and their bathing experience will not be so traumatic โ€“ or seem like a bad ice skating rehearsal.
  • Bubble bath โ€“ The easiest way to make bath time a lot of fun for your pets is to get high-quality spritzers, shampoos and conditioners, which are made using the best ingredients. Such luxury does not have to cost a tail and a paw. Some of the best pet bathing products in the market are available for a very reasonable price. All you have to do is find a brand that your pet likes.
  • Treat time โ€“ Treats are essential to baths during, before and after the experience. Make sure that they are healthy, organic and handmade โ€“ essentially luxury products that have an affordable tag. And if you want more bang for your buck, buy from small brands instead of the conglomerates. They often have the pet's welfare and health in their mind.
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