Tips For a New Cat Owner

Tips For a New Cat Owner


Cat lovers know that cats are one of the cutest things on this planet. They look good, are independent and can be amazing to cuddle with. However, you have to understand your cat first and new cat owners need to get both themselves and their cat adjusted to a certain lifestyle. Here's a few things that you should know when you get a new furry friend:

  • Cats are independentUnlike dogs, cats don't always crave attention. In fact, in the first few weeks after you get your cat, your cat may barely acknowledge your presence. Don't get disheartened if it doesn't run to greet you the minute you come home or if they don't want to cuddle all the time. Kitties take a while to warm up to you, so let them have their time and give them some space.
  • CheckupsThe first thing you must do after you get a cat is to take it to the vet to get general checkups and vaccines. Also, set a date for neutering your cat. Cats that are not neutered or spayed tend to show aggressive behavior as they go through heat cycles.
  • Invest in Good Toys and SpacesCat-posts, toys, litter and litter-boxes are must haves for raising a cat. It's the difference between a healthy cat and a miserable one. Moreover, it'll save your furniture from getting all scratched up. Toys are a crucial part in the cat's development โ€“ they teach cats to be peaceful and friendly while letting their aggression out. A well-adjusted cat is the result of good play and care.
  • CatnipFind out if your cat is affected by catnip first. If yes, then buy some quality catnip for your cat to keep it entertained and active. About 50% of cats like catnip and feel its effects. You can use catnip along with toys for training. Additionally, food they like are also good for training.
  • RoutinesIf you're bringing a kitten home, it is important to create a proper routine that revolves around grooming, nutrition and play. Cats need to be bathed, have their nails clipped and groomed to avoid hairballs and allergies. Setting a clear schedule will make it easier for you to be prepared rather than dreading your cat's bath time.
  • Introduce Others SlowlyWhen initiating your new cat into your family, there may be issues. Other animals and kids in the house need to be taught about the cat and how to behave around it. Remember that cats are not the most social creatures and take your time incorporating them into family life.
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