Three Ways to Clean Your Dog When You Don't Have Time for a Bath



Spring means dogs running around outside, letting out all that pent up energy and rolling the in the grass... and the mud.If your dog is truly muddy, it's time for a bath, but if your pup just keeps getting dirty during their backyard excursions, and you don't have the time to bathe them as quickly as they want to go out again, here are some spring-time tips for keeping your dog clean!

Use a dry dog shampoo

Dry dog shampoo is a handy product that just needs to be applied to your dog, worked into their coat, and then brushed out. No rinsing or water necessary. Just place your dog over a towel to catch any falling hair and dust, and you'll be done in no time.You can

buy dry dog shampoo

or make

homemade dog shampoo


Get the hose and make it a game

If your dog insists on getting dirty outside, turn the tables on them and get them clean outside too. They'll probably love it just as much!Make a game out of letting your dog run through the hose, then quickly lather them up, being careful to avoid eyes, ears, and mouth, and then rinse. An outdoor dog kennel or fenced-in area can be handy at this point to let them dry off outside in a contained space where they can't get messy all over again.

More quick brushes

"A stitch in time saves nine," the old saying goes -- meaning a little work now can save you from having to do more later. When it comes to keeping dog coats clean, think of it like your own hair. You wouldn't wait for it to get completely tangled before tackling it in an hours-long project. You do a little upkeep every day.When your dog comes in from playing outside, take one minute to quickly brush their coat, and then use a damp towel to collect the extra loose hairs and dirt. You'll keep your pet and your home cleaner, and will avoid having to invest the time in giving your dog a full bath as often.When you are ready to go all-in for bath time, take a look at our picture-filled instructions on

how to groom a dog


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