Three Ideas for Festive Holiday Dog Collars Getting Your Dog into the Holiday Spirit

Smiling Bulldog With A Festive Dog Collar

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Recognizing pets as important members of the family, many pet parents love to dress up their dogs for the holidays. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to these outfits, and might be highly appreciated by your dog. Here are some great ideas for simple, festive holiday dog collars.

It makes us feel good when all of our family members get into the holiday spirit. That includes our beloved family doggie. While a full-body Santa costume might be a bit much for many dogs, holiday dog collars are an accessory that can last for the duration of a get together, or even all season!

Here are some swell ideas for getting your pooch in on winter holiday festivities without breaking the bank, or getting on their nerves.


This holiday dog accessory is simple and affordable, but highly effective on the festivity richter scale. 

Good For: Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or any holiday!

Getting gussied up for the family Hanukkah latke-fest? Preparing treats and decor for Christmas Eve? Chances are, you’re wrapping some presents, too! Take a length of your prettiest gift ribbon and tie a lovely bow around your dog’s neck.


  • Don’t settle for any old run of the mill bow. Watch some bow videos, or read some bow tutorials. Then, twist one up that even Martha Stewart would approve.
  • Make sure the bow isn’t too tight! You want your dog to be able to breathe, and to move comfortably.
  • Consider tying the bow to your dog’s regular collar, rather than directly around their neck. This will keep it from slipping around, and could be less bothersome to your dog.
  • Does the fabric crinkle or crunch? Those sounds could be annoying so close to your dog’s tender ears. Choose a nice, soft (quiet) fabric ribbon, instead.


These collars involve planning, some sewing, and a willingness to try something new. If crafts aren’t your cup of tea, skip ahead to the next section.

Good For: Any time of the year! Especially winter holidays.

Below are some Do-It-Yourself websites that have excellent tutorials on how to make dog collars -- and they are by no means the only ones out there! Find a pattern you like, gather the supplies, and simply modify some of the pattern suggestions to include holiday-themed colors and patterns.

Some of our favorite DIY dog collar tutorials are:


Sites like,, and all offer delightful handmade options for holiday dog collars. By shopping handmade, you’re supporting artists, and often small businesses. With Etsy’s shop local feature, you can support your local economy as well.

Happy Holidays with your fancy-looking dog!

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