This One Simple Habit Can Save Your Pet's Life


1-simple-step-blogDid you know that you could save your pet's life simply by giving them a monthly dose of heartworm medication?

Despite the terribleย risks of heartworm infection, nearly half of all the dogs in the US are unprotected against this life-threatening parasite, and even fewer cats get regular doses.

While the preventative medication is readily available and highly effective, many pet parents donโ€™t know about the importance of protecting their pets from heartworm.

Sobering Statistics About Heartworm Disease

  • Heartworm disables, or kills, thousands of dogs every year, resulting in lung, heart, or circulatory complications

  • Mosquitoes carrying heartworm eggs can be found in all 50 states, and during all seasons, even during cold winters

  • A dog can become infected with as many as 250 heartworms

  • Heartworms can live up to three years in a cat, and up to seven years in a dog

  • As many as 25% of all cats that have heartworm disease are indoor cats

  • Nearly 100% of dogs that come into contact with an infected mosquito end up contracting heartworm
  • Treatment for an existing heartworm infestation can cost thousands of dollars, while prevention costs a fraction of that price

  • Prevention is also far more effective than treatment, as well as less invasive

  • The number of dogs receiving year-round treatment was hovering around 31% in 2011, and even less in cats

How to Protect Your Pet

Since there can be no guarantee for your dog or catโ€™s safety from these pesky parasites, even in the dead of winter, the best thing you can do is keep up preventative medications year-round. Check out the wide variety of options, including certain multi-parasite medications that guard your pet against other harmful parasites as well.

And make sure to keep ourย heartworm forecast map handy to better assess the risk level in your area.

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