This Cool Device Will Calm Your Nervous Pet


Many people deal with an anxious or hyperactive dog every day, giving them medications like Clomicalm to help ease their tension. But behavior modifying medications are generally reserved for severe cases, so for many they must search for an answer elsewhere. Thankfully, a new product promises to soothe canine anxietyย with out mood altering chemicals. Instead, this nifty gadget uses different noises and sounds to soothe their anxiety.Mashable reported that the iCalmDog, nicknamed "the iPod for dogs," is a device

designed to play calming music specifically for pooches with anxiety issues

. From traveling or relocating to being separated from their owners, a number of factors can affect a dog's demeanor and cause him to feel stressed.The iCalmDog is the brainchild of two innovative individuals. Lisa Spector, a concert pianist who trained at the renowned Juilliard School, attended a lecture run by Joshua Leeds, a psychoacoustic engineer who focuses on the effect of music on the human nervous system. Spector noticed that her dog seemed more relaxed when she played the piano, and she reached out to Leeds to see if he'd be interested in working together to help animals with anxiety.They spent 11 years conducting studies, building the product and composing the right music pieces to include with the iCalmDog. Because dogs can hear much higher frequencies than humans, the tone, tempo and patterns had to be adjusted to accommodate a broader range of sound. The classical music has been the most effective genre, but they also tested out jazz, hip hop and heavy metal.For pet parents with

hyperactive dogs

, special devices and training might be the best ways to slow things down and get them relaxed.

How to calm your dog

Hyperactivity and anxiety are canine issues that are hard to solve, as they have many possible causes and solutions. Cesar's Way explained that owners have to identify

how they interact with their dogs

to understand what's causing their anxiety.If you're going away on an extended vacation, it's important that you keep your dogย busy with stimulation. While dropping him at a kennel or boarding center might be a short term solution, having a friend or family member visit the house might be a better option. Your pooch won't feel like he's being abandoned if someone's stopping by every day to entertain him.However, if your canine gets anxious even when you're around, it might be time to check your own energy levels. Whatever feelings you project, he'll reflect back at you. Constantly being aggravated or stressed out will have a negative effect on your pooch that could be more impactful than you expect.If you're looking to maintain your dog's well-being, sign up for a


membership and gain instant access to discounted supplements, like Clomicalm, that will help you keep him happy and calm.

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