Things You Must do for Your Senior Cat Before Going for a Vacation


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You work hard, and you desperately need a vacation. Your senior cat, however, poses a problem. It is too old to be taken everywhere, and you have thus decided to keep the cat at home while you go away for a few days. Before you lock the door, it is essential to take a few steps to ensure that both your senior cat and you have a lovely time.

Appoint a petsitter

Remove all plants before you leave the house. A majority of house-plants are toxic to your cat if it chews or eats them. Unplug all electrical appliances and cords which can be reached by the cat. Remove the light bulbs from table lamps. Do not leave the senior cat to its wits. Appoint a pet sitter to visit the house every day. Give the person the house key before you go. Ask the person to play with the kitty time-to-time. Cats do get sad when they are lonely. Ask the petsitter to send you daily status reports. This ensures that both the cat and the petsitter are alright. Do not forget to give that person your cell phone number to call in-case of emergencies. It is a good idea to give a spare key to a trusted friend. If the petsitter suddenly vanishes or falls sick and cannot take care of the cat, your friend can pitch in.

Partially open doors and food

Ensure that all doors except the main one remain partially open. Put a towel in the closing arc to ensure this. Your senior cat may close the door by accident if you do not do so. Cats cannot tolerate being locked up inside a room. It will then make a mess if there is no litter box present inside that enclosed space. Before you go away, set up a minimum of two water dispensers. This is as water from a standard water bowl quickly evaporates, and it is essential to have one for back-up if the kitty knocks over one dispenser. The water in the dispenser must be sufficiently big to stay the time of your vacation. The water must last even if the petsitter fails to come to the house and your friend cannot visit the place.

Take a particular dry food your cat does not like and keep it somewhere. Your senior cat will eat it only as a last resort if no other food is available. This food will become its snack if the pet sitter is absent. Do set up a motion activated webcam next to the water dispensers and the litter box. You will then have a visual confirmation that your cat is fine. As long as the cat drinks and poops, it is in perfect health. You can also see the activities of your appointed pet sitter.

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