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Prescription dog diets first started in the early 1900s and became more popular as World War II began and meat was rationed. Dogs' diets were traditionally made up mostly of meat, because people thought they were strict carnivores, Soggy Paws explained. But these prescription diets became successful as people saw the impact of their nutrient-rich ingredients. These primitive prescription diets included many of the ingredients that people think of in modern dog food, including fish, soy, egg protein and other healthy meatless ingredients.Over the years, prescription pet food has evolved to the point where it's specialized to deal with a number of common canine health problems. Some have been formulated to reduce stomach irritation that can cause diarrhea or constipation, while others work to soothe more severe problems, such as colitis, skin conditions, dental health, diabetes, heart problems, pancreatic disease, obesity or allergies.Take a look at some of the most popular prescription pet food, their uses and the best prices available.

Hill's Prescription Diet Dog k/d Dry Food

If your dog has kidney trouble or renal disease, you may want to ask your veterinarian if Hill's Prescription Diet Dog k/d Dry Food is a good choice for you. This dry food is made with ingredients such as pork fat, rice, egg, corn, flaxseed and various vitamins, specifically formulated to help the function of acutely or chronically damaged kidneys.

  • At PetPlus, members can buy a 17.6-pound bag for $52
  • Pet360 charges $53.95
  • PetSmart sells it for $54.39
  • PetFoodDirect charges $53.96
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Low Fat Canned Dog Food

Royal Canin is a well-known prescription pet food brand that veterinarians turn to when prescribing specialty diets. One popular prescription type is the low-fat GI specific canned food. It's been proven effective for use with dogs who have chronic pancreatitis, hyperlipidemia, acute diarrhea, bile deficiency, bacterial overgrowth and a number of other serious conditions. With low amounts of fat and fiber, this food option helps dogs easily digest it and get the proteins, starches and probiotics that this food is made to deliver.

  • At PetPlus, members can purchase 24 13.5-ounce cans of this food for $59
  • Pet360 carries this product for $62.97
  • PetSmart sells this food at $2.89 a can or $69.36 per case
  • PetFoodDirect has this food marked at $62.98
Hill's Prescription Diet Dog z/d Dry Food

This z/d low-allergen dog food formulation is designed to help any canine companion who suffers from severe food-related allergies. Hill's Prescription Diet Dog z/d Dry Food breaks down animal proteins before they ever get to the dog, so the dog is less likely to have an adverse reaction to the food through the Hill's Hydrolyzed Protein System. This food may help with allergy-related conditions such as skin irritation, gastrointestinal distress and other autoimmune conditions. Hill's Prescription Diet Dog z/d Dry Food also has omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to help coat health.

  • Through PetPlus, members can purchase a 17.6-ounce bag of this dry food for only $67
  • Pet360 sells this food for $73.85
  • PetSmart carries the same food for $71.99
  • PetFoodDirect charges $73.86
Royal Canin Veterinary Diets Urinary SO Dry Dog Food

Many older dogs need a little help when it comes to avoiding urinary tract infections and other urination issues. This prescription-only dog food delivers a nutritional diet directed toward urinary health. Royal Canin explains that this formulation is designed to dissolve struvite uroliths and prevent calcium phosphate urolithiasis, as well as regulate urine acidity and lower protein levels. Just because it can help your furry friend's urinary tract doesn't mean it isn't tasty, with ingredients such as chicken fat, corn, fish oil, rosemary extract and rice.

  • PetPlus members can purchase a 17.6-ounce bag for $50
  • Pet360 carries this food for $50.97
  • PetSmart sells this prescription food for $52.69
  • PetFoodDirect charges $50.98
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