The Top Cat Breeds in the U.S. 5 of the Most Popular Cats in the Country

The Top Cat Breeds in the U.S.

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Starting to see more and more of particular cat breeds? Noticing trends in cats on TV? Wondering what the most popular cat breeds are? Well wonder no more! Here are some breeds that American cat fanciers just can't get enough of.

Americans love their cats. More than thirty percent of American households own at least one cat, for a total population of more than 80 million house cats. That’s a lot of cat fancying!

But of the many breeds of cats owned in America, which are the most popular? Like their human counterparts, they’re varied and diverse.

American Shorthair

This breed is fitting as a popular one for the US, as they’re named after the country. The American Shorthair is a descendent of cats brought from Europe to America in colonial times. They’re widely popular for their sweet and loving nature and powerful athletic build. A real working cat, this breed was once used mainly to rid farms and houses of rat infestations.

Russian Blue

Our next cat comes from halfway around the world, but like the American Shorthair, the Russian Blue is a big hit in the U.S. The Blue is prized not only for their luxurious silver-blue coat but also for their easygoing manner. This breed is very quiet, and not much of a meower. Russian Blues do, nonetheless, like a warm lap to curl up in. In Russia, this cat is thought to bring good luck to their owner.


On the other end of the global spectrum, as well as the personality spectrum, is the Siamese. Unlike the Russian Blue, the Siamese will talk your ear off, meowing and yowling with their owners the whole day through. Even so, the Siamese is hugely popular in the U.S., and in fact takes a top spot in a list of most popular breeds in many developed countries. No wonder, given the loyalty and affection this breed is known to have for their people -- to make no mention of their good looks.

Maine Coon

It’s said that Americans like things big, and when it comes to the Maine Coon, that is certainly true. This gentle giant has risen in popularity over the past decades given the cat’s wonderful size (up to 20 pounds), thick and soft coat, and sociable manner. The Maine Coon does well in busy families, getting along with kids, other cats, and even the family dog.


While we’re on the topic of soft cats, we might as well mention one of the softest of all - the Persian. These fluff balls are hugely popular in the United States, and the world, because they are an ideal lap cat. Good natured and gentle, this breed is content to spend their time curled on their owner’s lap, purring and snoozing away. It takes some consistent grooming to keep the Persian’s coat tangle free, but folks in America seem to think this is more than worth the effort.

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