The Top 5 Dog Separation Anxiety Tips

The Top 5 Dog Separation Anxiety Tips

 When you leave your home to head to the office, do the sounds of your dogโ€™s whines, barks, and howls follow you out the door? If your dog feels down when he has to spend the day alone, try these tips to make it easier for you to leave, and to help keep your dogย entertained while youโ€™re away.

Here are our top 5 dog separation anxiety tips.

1. Tire โ€˜Em Out

Take your dog for a long walk, a quick jog, or a game of tug of war or fetch. A tired dog will rest and nap for much of the day, and will have an easier time with your departure.

2. Distract When You Leave

For many dogs, being alone during the day is just fine, but that moment when you depart can provoke anxiety. If thatโ€™s the case for your dog, make it your mission to provide a delicious distraction during that distressing moment. A

food-filled toy like a kong

will keep your pup occupied while you ease out the door.

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3. Hire a Dog Walker

Especially when theyโ€™re young, a full day is a long time for a dog to spend alone. Hire a dog walker to come by in the middle of the day. Not only will your dog get a bathroom break, but theyโ€™ll also enjoyย some social time.

4. Provide Tons of Toys

Avoid having chewed-up slippers and remote controls: Provide your dog with plenty of

stuffed animals


chew toys

, and other doggy delights to keep themย occupied while youโ€™re away. Get new toys occasionally so they don't get bored, and leave an

assortment of toys

readily available each day.

5. Give Your Dog Something to Watch

Whatโ€™s your dog going to do all day long while youโ€™re gone? There's napping, eating, playing -- but maybe your dog needs a few more distractions and entertainment options. Think about leaving the television on (maybe to a nature program), having a fish tank, or setting up a bird feeder in your backyard to provide something interesting for your dog to watch. These dog anxiety tips have helped us at PetPlus before and we hope they'll help you too! 

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