The Things Your Dog Needs This Spring

The Things Your Dog Needs This Spring

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If you are like most people, then you will consider your dog as a low maintenance family member. Even if you incorporate healthy items into its food, not much money is spent on your dog. All these however, does not excuse the fact that it also needs pampering and care. At the onset of spring, the dog will spend greater time outdoors. There is a good chance it will be exposed to common diseases or encounter outdoor pests. There could be seasonal allergies as well.

Flea medication and tick medication

This is important in case you forgot to give the dog tick and also flea medication in the winter time. Spring time is the best place to begin. Fleas could infect the dog with tapeworm. Ticks could transmit Lyme disease, canine anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and canine ehrlichiosis. When the dog is sufficiently old, it is advisable to use monthly preventive medication so that fleas and ticks are kept away. It is important to regularly check for flea dirt and fleas. If you and your dog spend a lot of time in the woods, it is important that you check the dog for ticks.

Preventative medications

These include vaccines. Your dog is most vulnerable in spring, susceptible to diseases like leptospirosis, heartworm, rabies and Lyme. These will only increase as the weather gets warmer. Check the records or ask the vet to ensure that the dog is fully compliant with the vaccines. Ensure that you are also administering a number of other vaccinations, like heartworm prevention, as per the vet recommended schedule. Do note that not all vaccines are to be taken every year. You should only keep records and check with the vet of what your dog needs this year.

New tags

If you are not sure of whether your dog's tags are up to date? Check them whether they are or not this spring. Ensure they are valid and include the current address. In case you are buying new tags, ensure that you follow the official recommendation on what you must or must not put on the new tag. Whatever you do, do not put the name of your dog on the tag. People with ulterior motives will find it easier to steal your dog if you do this. Even if your dog is an indoor one, it helps to put a current dog tag on it.


In case your dog does not have a microchip, consider getting it this spring, This is important as both you and your dog will be outside much more in the lovely weather. Microchips are highly recommended by veterinarians, animal rescue organizations and breeders.

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