The Strongest Dog Breeds in the World


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If you live an active life, youโ€™re probably looking for a companion to share this active life with. Fortunately, there are many dog breeds to choose from. Before bringing home a dog, think about whether the dog you bring home will fit your lifestyle as well as whether youโ€™ll be able to cater to their needs. The strongest dog breeds require lots of exercise in order to be happy. With that being said, letโ€™s take a look at some of the strongest dog breeds out there.

  1. Mastiff โ€“ Mastiffs are loyal and protective of their families. They can live quite happily in an apartment. However, they do need a fair bit of exercise in order to be happy. Mastiffs can weigh up to 200 pounds.
  • Saint Bernard โ€“ Saint Bernard's soared up in popularity after the "Beethoven" movies. They're strong, powerful, and muscular dogs with an imposing personality. They require training because of how strong they are. They need to be trained to avoid knocking people over. In addition to this, theyโ€™re usually responsible for food going missing from a table.
  • German Shepherds โ€“ German Shepherds are strong, loyal, beautiful, and very intelligent. The military, security agents, law enforcement, anti-terrorist organizations, and so on have made use of their strength, intelligence, and loyalty. If you're looking for a strong dog, you can't go wrong with a German Shepherd. 
  • Siberian Husky โ€“ Siberian Huskyโ€™s are infamous for their sled-pulling abilities. Their entire existence consists of them pulling sleds and carrying people as well as supplies. They were bred to pull sleds which means that theyโ€™re very strong dogs. They can pull sleds for long distances in the harshest weather.
  • English Bulldog โ€“ The English Bulldogs, was bred to fight bulls and were excellent at it. Don't let their small size fool you. This little guy is packed to the brim with muscles. In fact, these dogs were used for breeding all of the other aggressive dog breeds in existence. 
  • Pit Bull โ€“ Perhaps the strongest of them all is the infamous pit bull. Pit bulls were bred to be fighting dogs. Pit bulls are strong, if a pit bull jumped a person with their full power, you'd feel as if you were hit with a cannonball. They're also used by many people to pull weights. They've got quite a reputation for being violent dogs. However, they're quite loving and gentle companions. The only pit bulls who are violent are pit bulls who were trained and raised to be violent.

Remember that a dog needs to mirror your lifestyle. Adopting a dog on a whim is a terrible thing to do because the dog is a being with feelings just like you. Adopting a dog is a responsibility which shouldnโ€™t be taken lightly.

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