The Right Way Of Grooming Your Dog (Yes, Youโ€™ve Been Doing it Wrong All Along)


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One of the most important determinants of being a responsible dog owner is regular and proper grooming. It is an important part of the relationship you share with your furry companion. Not only is it hygienic, but it also helps you get familiar with your dog, and strengthen your connection.Remember that it takes patience, so start gently and slowly, and keep in mind that using treats work well.


Regular brushing is a must for every dog, regardless of the length of the coat. Shorter coats can do well with one brush a week, but longer ones may need daily attention. Choosing the right brush is as important as the act of brushing itself. For short coats, rubber bushes, followed by bristle brushes work best. For long coats, remove tangles gently using a slicker brush, followed by a bristle brush.As you brush, keep an eye out for ticks and fleas. Regular and careful grooming is beneficial for your dogs in many ways. It removes dry skin and dead hair, helps to spread natural oil throughout the skin, and improves blood circulation. It is important to remember that your dog needs time before he learns to enjoy it, so start slow and keep it short.


The good thing is you donโ€™t need to give your dog a bath frequently. The bad thing is it takes a lot of time and effort to thoroughly bathe your dog. Frequent baths can lead to overly dry and flaky skin and rough, dull coats. So unless your dog has gotten into something dirty, you only need to bathe him once a month.A bath mat is a great way to avoid slips while bathing your furry friend. Use a mild dog shampoo that will not cause any irritation or allergic reaction, lather and rinse thoroughly. Do not leave any residue on the fur as this can lead to all sorts of irritation. It is recommended that you bathe your dogs in lukewarm water, and make sure that you do not spray directly or get shampoo in the eyes, ears and nose. Bath toys are great to facilitate your bathing experience, as they help to keep the dogs distracted.


Clipping nails regularly isnโ€™t beneficial only for your dog, but for you as well, as it prevents damages to your floor, carpets and sofas. Check your dogโ€™s nails regularly. Usually, clipping them every two weeks should do.Make sure to use a sharp pet nail clipper that fits well in your hands. This helps to prevent any accidental clipping that could cause bleeding. In case this happens, have styptic powder handy. Keep in mind not to clip off too much that you clip the quick too, which is the vein at the bottom of your dogโ€™s nail.

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