The Pros and Cons of Neutering a Pet

The Pros and Cons of Neutering a Pet

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The thought of spaying/neutering your pet may fill you with guilt. But many vets, rescue operation workers and shelter operators will urge you forward in your decision. In fact, you may prolong your cat/dogโ€™s life by having it spayed and neutered. However, a case can be made for the opposite too. Letโ€™s weigh in the advantages and disadvantages of both below:

Pros โ€“ย 
  • Stops overpopulation of cats and dogs. Thousand of pets are euthanize in shelters every year because there is a lack of space and resources to accommodate them.
  • Neutered male cats are more docile and less likely to escape the house and wander around or get into fights. They are at a lesser chance of contracting FIV or feline AIDS.
  • Neutered dogs are similarly less likely to get into street fights or indulge in unwanted behavior like leg-humping. They almost never get testicular cancer and their risk of developing a sexually transmitted disease is also slim.
  • Ensures a longer and healthier life for your pets โ€“ Uterine infection risk and breast and testicular cancer chances are decreased by a sizable margin for neutered dogs and cats.
  • Makes for a more relaxed environment โ€“ When your pet is in heat, their only mission in life is to find a mate and multiply. A spayed and neutered cat will not only be less stressed out themselves but take away their ownerโ€™s worries too.
Cons โ€“
  • Neutering/Spaying your pet can result in hormonal imbalances โ€“ Female dogs who have been neutered before their first heat have often reported Hyperthyroidism.
  • Obesity โ€“ Pets begin to gain a considerable amount of weight after they have been neutered. However, this can be controlled with proper diet and exercise.
  • Pain from castration โ€“ Pets suffer a certain amount of pain from castration and may even be at a slight risk of anesthesia related complications.
  • Behavioral changes โ€“ Neutered dogs may exhibit changes in behavior.

The decision of whether to have your pet neutered/spayed rests solely upon you, the pet owner. While many argue vociferously for the pros of having a pet neutered. There is another party that believes a pet can lead a healthy life without having undergone surgery. Breeding a pet is not easy and not many may be comfortable with the prospect of their cat/dog giving birth. Spaying/neutering proves to be a wise choice in such cases. Waiting can be an option for pet owners who do not want to see their pet go through the pain of neutering.

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