The Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions

The Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions

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You would think that cats would have their sleeping posture all figured out and even perfected given their frequent napping routines, but these gifs say anything but otherwise. Well, we are not complaining, as we have had one too many good laughs because of it! Let's dive right in and take a look at eight cats that were caught sleeping in awkward positions.

  1. The sophisticated catgiphy 1You will need: one sleeping cat, a pair of glasses, a short chair, and sleeping cat audience (not mandatory). Wait till cat seats itself on chair and dozes off. Add glasses for a sophisticated charm.Note: Cat has to be an advanced level sleeper to be able to achieve sleep while in situp position without falling off the chair. Amateurs don't try this at home.
  2. The lean on cat
giphy 2

You will need: Two cats- one preferably fluffy and plump, and the other preferably clingy. Place cats beside each other. Wait till clingy cat uses fluffy cat as pillow.Note: The lean on cat pose can be achieved easily if cats have synchronized sleep cycles.3.The very functional cat

giphy 3

This cat is outright astonished how it's only dogs who take all the credit when it comes to being helpful. So they decided to help out hoomans while they do their favorite activity, napping. Can dogs help you fetch the paper? Pfft! How about this, can they hold your phone for you? Can they?4.The tech-savvy cat

giphy 4

This cat clearly OD'd on social media before he passed out right next to the keyboard. The stretching helps, especially since he went all finger happy while having an argument online. In case you are wondering, he is doing fine now, they are just keeping him off social media for a couple of days.5.The unshakeable cat

giphy 5

This cat may flinch, flip and fall, but he can't be shaken out of his sleep. Full points for staying asleep even after that clumsy fall. The shut-eye syndrome is strong on this one! He's apparently picked it up from watching humans that are asleep on Monday mornings.6.The private cat

giphy 6

This cat likes its privacy when it sleeps, even if it means sticking its head in a pot with plants while it takes a nap. Although given his way he would just want a box.7.The seasoned sleeper

giphy 7

Because every log is a bed, for a seasoned sleeper. The other cat knows better than to trouble others while they're asleep now.8.The hi-five cat

giphy 8

This cat was either too tired to finish hi-fiving before he fell asleep or he's hi-fiving in his sleep. Either way, full points for cute quotient.

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