The Lowdown On Pet Insurance

The Lowdown On Pet Insurance

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If you feel that owning a pet just means taking it out on a walk or playing with it in your spare time, then perhaps you need to rethink. Owning a pet is similar to having a kid; there are so many things you need to take care of โ€“ diet, exercise, health, and not to forget, insurance. If you are wondering whether pets can be insured like humans, then the simple answer is yes. Pet insurance is gaining popularity in the United States in the recent times, which is seen by the proliferation of pet insurance companies that help pet owners in covering the cost of veterinary treatment.

Why do you need pet insurance?

Animals are never far from health issues. They may counter different conditions at different times, which can be extremely overwhelming in terms of vet bills. Some health conditions of pets are so acute that immediate veterinary treatment is required. However, there is much debate on the worthiness of pet insurance because it brings an additional cost for pet owners in terms of premium payments. But opinions are skewed much in favor of having an insurance and paying regular premiums than incurring heavy veterinary expenses at one go when they arise. Moreover, pet insurance policies cover a wide range of pet-related health issues, which ultimately relieves a lot of trouble for pet owners.

What is covered under pet insurance?

Pet insurance policies provide coverage for simple accidents to surgeries and treatments for illnesses, as well as routine vaccinations and check-ups. The following items are usually covered under a pet insurance policy:

  • Theft or loss of pet, where pet owners can get the purchase price of their pet. Some insurance companies also cover the cost of advertising the lost pet and reward for its recovery.
  • Treatment for behavioral disorders in pets, which requires owners to treat it in a professional set up or under the guidance of a veterinarian.
  • The death of pet by injury or illness, where pet owners can get the purchase price. Some companies cover the cost of euthanasia if the pet shows no sign of recovery.
  • Veterinary bills, which include costs incurred on general veterinary professionals, treating congenital diseases, dental care and certain alternative treatments.
Types of pet insurance policies

You can avail for the following types of pet insurance policies:

  • Accident-only policy, which is a low-cost policy covering accidental injuries within a fixed time limit and fee.
  • Per condition policy with time limit, which covers accidents and illnesses within a set maximum fee for 12 months.
  • Per condition policy with no time limit, a comprehensive insurance policy that covers accidents and illnesses throughout the pet's life for a maximum fee set for a year. The policy, however, requires periodic renewal.
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