The Link Between Better Canine Diets and Longevity You should Know About

The Link Between Better Canine Diets and Longevity You should Know About

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Aging is an unavoidable and complex process that takes place in all living beings. As dogs are a part of our family, we try to find different ways to increase their longevity. A good canine diet with the right levels of nutrients can have a positive impact on their health, allowing them to age gracefully without any problems.

Why should we look at the link between canine diets and longevity?

Ultimately, the longevity of your dog depends on their environmental conditions and genetic makeup. It is estimated that 75% of canine longevity is dependent on environmental influences while only 25% is based on genetics.Nutrition is the energy component and building blocks your dog needs on a daily basis. If we want our four-legged friend to reach their maximum genetic potential, right high-quality nutrition is the key. Whether you are a breeder or a pet owner, the link between a healthy diet and longevity is important. Your dog will be able to lead an active, healthy, and long life right from puppyhood to their twilight years. A study by Eukanuba showed how high-quality nutrition and the right care helped dogs enhance their genetic potential, allowing them to live longer than usual.What will a good diet do for your four-legged friend?A good diet will do the following for your four-legged friend:

  • Enhanced body condition and muscle toneAll the cells in the body are made up of protein which is crucial in building organs, tissues, muscles, hair, and skin. It is also required to make new cells and repair damaged ones. The protein in your dogโ€™s diet will make sure that they are able to build strong muscles and maintain them.
  • Improved digestionCarbohydrates in the canine diet will provide fiber to your dogs, helping them digest food properly and eliminate wastes from their body. Digestion is extremely important as it ensures your four-legged friendโ€™s body absorbs all the nutrients in their food. It also makes sure that they can easily remove waste products from their body.
  • Increased immunityAll the minerals and vitamins found in your dogโ€™s food will continually work together to keep their bodyโ€™s immunity and metabolism running at optimum levels. The vitamins reduce any damage done to their cells on a regular basis. Minerals boost the function of cells that are responsible for maintaining the overall health of your dog. This, in turn, will improve their immunity, significantly reducing their susceptibility to diseases.

There is numerous high-quality dog food available in the market but they have different levels of nutrients. Ask your vet about the dietary requirements of your dog so that you can get the best of the lot for them.

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