The Influence Of Social Media On Pet Care


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It is official: many pet owners now want their four-legged family members to be famous on Social Media. These have led to an increase in pet accessories sales. The demand for grooming products specially formulated for pets rose by a massive 163 percent in 2018 when compared to the identical period in 2017. Even a non-pet owner can sense the massive upsurge in pet products demand. Social Media sites like Instagram and Facebook are now near saturated with cute or handsome pet photographs. Specific hashtags like #catsofinstagram and #dogsofinstagram are used in a mind-boggling 60 million posts.

Pet popular

The steep rise in demand has not only increased pet grooming products sales, the sales of pet accessories also rose by 13 percent. Not surprisingly, many animals now have such a huge number of followers that even celebrity humans are left far behind. One prominent example is Beast, the Hungarian sheepdog owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and top boss of Facebook. The dog has infinitely more likes than its owner Zuckerberg himself.The advent of Social Media has increased the numbers of pet lovers, making a few of them doing the transition from mere observers to pet owners themselves. Pet products purchases rose all over the spectrum during the recent 12 months. A rising number of pet owners document the antics done by their pets and share such moments on Social Media. Things have come to such a pass that four-legged family members now dominate comparatively obscure social networks like Snapchat. The trend shows no sign of slowing down.

Money flowing in

According to the leading American Pet Products Association, the amount of money being spent on pets could cross the $67 billion mark in the immediate future. Big brands are now adequately interested to make money off this market. A few pampered pets not only enjoy fame but also bring their owners some serious cash amounts to the tune of millions of dollars. Pet owners can generate an actual income via partnerships inked with Procter & Gamble, Purina, and Pizza Hut.A few media outlets have happily joined on to the bandwagon. Daily Mail and BuzzFeed regularly carry pet-related content. Multiple feline Instagram accounts are full of sponsored posts by huge multinational brands like GoPro, Friskies, and Mercedes. A few pets have their own accessory lines. One of them, the Grumpy Cat, even starred in its own film. A few dogs have become so famous that they are considered Internet drivers in their own right. Some canines have been successful in penetrating the centerfolds of publications like Martha Stewart. Joining the gravy train is a few pet training companies which assure pet owners of premium content appealing to both brands and fans.

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