The Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds You Can Choose As A Pet

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Pet allergy is a common phenomenon and can happen to everyone. It usually happens due to fur, dander or fleas from the pet’s body. But many dream of owning a pet dog or cat someday. And if you’re someone who has a similar problem and yet cannot resist staring at furry kitties from YouTube videos in the hopes of one day cuddling them, then you’re in luck. Because something called hypoallergenic cats do exists who don’t cause as much allergy as other breeds.We’ll leave the science to the pundits and focus on the more important part – what breeds can you choose from.Here is a list of the ones that are available to you.

  1. Bengal catThe coats of Bengal cats are smooth and contain less fur. So, they don’t groom themselves much and therefore their saliva’s are relatively free of allergen or contain less allergen. Moreover, due the lack of thick fur, they don’t shed as much as cats of other breeds.
  2. Russian Blue catThis cat breed produces less amounts of glycoprotein Fel d1, the substance which produces allergies in people. These cats do not necessarily contain less fur on their body.
  3. Devon RexDevon Rexes have very little fur to start with and they shed even less fur compared to other cats. Moreover, they have a smooth fur coat which allows people with cat allergies to pet them easily.
  4. Oriental short-hairThe name itself suggests that these felines have short hairs on their body. They come in various patterns and colors than other cats, but the short-hair characteristic remains constant for all.
  5. Siberian catsWith long fuzzy hairs, Siberian cats may be the only exception amongst the entire lot, but they too are hypoallergenic due to less production of the Fel d1 in their body. These cats are very popular and allergic individuals can choose them if they like long hair.
  6. Sphynx catThe sphynx cat completely lacks hair on its body and therefore their grooming sessions are completely harmless. They are quite popular and are also supposed to bring good luck!

While the list is a big one, allergic individuals must keep in mind that short hair, hairless and low production of Fel d1 glycoprotein are the things they need to look out for. It is also a good idea to take the cat to the vet if the allergy persists.

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