The Hazards Involved in Black Market Pet Medicines


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Our pets mean the world to us. For most of us, our furry little friends are even considered as being a part of the family. They travel with us, they follow us around, and they play all their little games with us. Itโ€™s hard not to fall in love with the animals that we take care of. Especially when theyโ€™re so loyal, loving, playful, and energetic as they are. Theyโ€™ll always be up to something and it will always be a joy to discover what.That is why itโ€™s especially sad when they fall ill. While some of us turn to our vets for help, other take more extreme measures and turn to pet medications that they find on the black market. Proven to work and procured without a medical prescription. Although this may seem like a quick fix at the time, it can have some adverse and severely dangerous effects on our pets.

Why do people buy pet medications from the black market?

The medicines sold on the black market and some social media sites, are usually both cheaper, and easier to come by. Most people opt for this because of convenience. However, you should beware. Most of these drugs are not what they seem and can be really dangerous for your pet.

Here are a few hazards of using medications bought from the black market:
  1. They cause numerous medical issues.They often come with unexpected side effects and may even cause adverse reactions. These side effects can include serious things such as hair loss or even seizures.
  2. They donโ€™t actually work.Since you donโ€™t actually have any proof that youโ€™re being sold what you set out to buy, there are more chances that youโ€™ll be fooled. The vendor could have replaced the actual medication with a placebo, or worse, something completely different. Which leads to further medical problems. If the medication contains something your pet is allergic to, there will be hell to pay. If you have a problem with a legally bought drug, itโ€™s easy to call up the pharmacy and fix said problem. In this case, there wonโ€™t be anything you can do. You wonโ€™t have anyone to hold responsible if a problem arises.
  3. They might not be tested.If you buy medicines that are not properly tested, you might end up with a drug which has unknown ingredients and adverse effects. If youโ€™re not sure what the main drug in the medicine is, you wonโ€™t know what to expect or what to do if God forbid, something does go wrong.Most black market medications have undergone several stages that weโ€™re not aware of, and can cause dangerous side effects to our beloved pets. Stay safe, go to a vet
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